Mandala Crafts Copper Wire for Jewelry Making – Metal Craft Wire for Crafts – Tarnish-Resistant Beading Jewelry Wire Coil Wire for Jewelry Wrapping Black 28 Gauge 55 Yards

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Product Description

Are you looking for solid and sturdy craft wires with gorgeous sheen that is simple to manipulate but stiff enough to hold shape? This spool of colored jewelry wire for jewelry making is the answer. The small craft copper wire spool with vibrant color and glossy finish is wonderful for coiling, twisting, spiraling, and decorating without tarnishing, chipping, or discoloring. Easy to work with by hand or with tools such as scissors, wire pliers, or craft wire cutters, this bendable copper wire for crafts is perfect for molding and shaping into elaborate wire art and handicrafts. When heated or used for indoor and outdoor uses, the non-tarnish color craft wire retains its lustrous appeal, workable design, and smooth composition.

This spool of non-tarnish jewelry beading wire is a necessity for wire jewelry making and wire wrapping. From making twisted pendants or link chains to creating DIY jewelry findings such as bails, eye clasps, jump rings, or French earring hooks and hoops, this bead jewelry wire with stunning luminosity can do it all. For stone, crystal, or gemstone encasing, this flexible bead wire for jewelry making adds a pop and yields professional patterns and designs. A good alternative metal to real sterling silver, this tarnish resistant wire for jewelry making is flexible, lightweight, and beginner friendly. For crafters, the bendable craft wire can be easily hammered or contorted to create one-of-a-kind ornaments, wreaths, mesh, rosaries, hangers, napkin rings, picture frames, stained glass, or 3D molds. The uses of this thin copper wire for crafts are so versatile that the uncoated raw copper wire can even be used as bare copper wire for electronics.

Solid Copper Wire

  • Made from pure copper metal
  • Half hard to dead soft wire
  • Easy to bend, shape, or cut
  • Rust and tarnish resistant
  • Colors will not flake off with coated tools

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Hobby Wire

  • Sculptures, sun catchers, and dream catchers
  • Stained glass embellishments
  • Wreaths, hangers, coasters, and napkin rings
  • Picture frames and holders
  • Letters, wire weaving, and wire patterns
  • Ornaments, doll frames, and costume embellishments
  • Wires for amateurs to learn wrapping and shaping

Jewelry Making Wire

  • Jewelry findings such as jump rings
  • Chain mail and other vintage style jewelry
  • Stone, crystal, and gemstone wraps
  • Twisted wire rings
  • pendants, eye clasps, bails, French earring hooks and hoops, bracelets, and link-chains.

Versatile Applications

  • Wires for physics demos or electronic projects
  • Fence repair
  • Floral wire
  • Yard art projects
  • Bird feeders
  • Colorful and durable mesh

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Inch MM and Gauge Conversion

The higher the gauge number, the thinner and softer the wire. Colors might vary from different dye lots.

  • 0.0126" / 0.32mm / 28 Gauge
  • 0.0159" / 0.404mm / 26 Gauge
  • 0.02" / 0.51mm / 24 Gauge
  • 0.025" / 0.64mm / 22 Gauge
  • 0.032" / 0.8mm / 20 Gauge
  • 0.04" / 1mm / 18 Gauge

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Slider Clasp Finding Kit Loose Gemstone Bead Kit Bail Making Pliers Clasp Crimp Jump Ring Screw Back Earring Hook Jewelry Making Finding Supplies Large Hole Beads Bracelet Charms
  • Thin crafting wire made from copper; Lead and nickel-free; Corrosion, tarnish, and rust-resistant; Color will not flake when bent, cut, or smashed with coated tools; Kink-free
  • Thin bendable wire for crafts, braiding, weaving, shaping, sculpting, wire wrapping, gardening, floral arranging, or amateur education; Soft craft wire for coils, spirals, sculptures, wreaths, chain mail, or toys
  • Beading wire for jewelry making and beading; Thin craft wire for constructing earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or ear wires and hooks; Colored craft wire for wrapping jewelry, gemstone and crystal wire wrap pendants
  • Easy to bend thin wire for crafts; Easy to shape, straighten, twist, wrap, or trim; Bead wire is fit for residential and industrial uses; Copper craft wire with continuous length and consistent color
  • Bulk sturdy craft wire for jewelry making; Lightweight craft wire on a reel for easy use and storage; 55 yards; 0.32mm 28 gauge wire for jewelry making