Mandala Crafts Colored Jute Twine String for Crafts – Hemp Rope Hemp Twine for Gift Wrapping Jewelry Making – Garden Twine for Gardening

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Are you looking to add a rustic touch to your beach or farmhouse home décor? Is regular twine rope too dull for your crafting projects? This assortment of hemp twine string for crafts is the answer. Unlike most natural twine, this natural jute twine is soft to the touch and colorfast. This unoiled and unwaxed hemp craft twine string does not unravel when cut or make hands itchy while touching. The vibrant and bright color coordinates well with a variety of materials and décor ranging from kraft paper, leather, wood, to fake ivy vines.

It is convenient to keep this jute string twine kit on hand to tackle odds and ends around the house. From wrapping presents or attaching gift tags, to using it as baker twine, this hemp string twine can do it all. It is also super convenient to use this natural jute twine string with great tensile strength for hanging string lights, banners, wall décor, and signs. For adult or kid crafters, this craft string twine is a must-have to create rustic dreamcatchers, satchels, fall decor, beach tote bags, party favors, and wall hangings. For jewelers, this hemp string for jewelry making can create necklaces, bracelets, knotted rosaries, and corded beads. The colored jute twine is ideal for wrapping poles, handles, mason jars, wine bottles, chandeliers or creating napkin rings and other bespoke home decor. The colored jute rope adds a chic touch for embellishing birthday, holiday and greeting cards, or wedding invites. As jute twine for gardening, this soft twine string makes the ideal gardening twine for tying bushes, tomato or cucumber vines, building plant hangers, and creating beautiful kokedama. As product packaging rope, this colored jute rope adds a rustic touch to homemade candles, soaps, and jam jars. The uses of the colored string for crafts are so versatile that it can even use to create pet toys.

Hemp String Twine
  • Made from natural jute twine
  • Easy to cut, glue, string, tie, wax, and knot
  • Consistent color, thickness, and continuous length
  • Coordinates well with other home décor

  • Weather-Resistant
  • Strong and Durable
  • Fray, Unravel and Shed-Resistant

Versatile Crafting Applications

  • Great for crafts, hanging, knitting, braiding, weaving, macrame, and crocheting
  • Decorate scrapbooks, product packaging, weddings, parties, and use for event décor
  • Wrap gifts, bottles, wreaths, and garlands,
  • Create jewelry, flower arrangements, ornaments, DIY accessories, and journals

  • Colorfast and Fade-Free
  • Non stretchy, Unoiled and Unwaxed
  • Fit for Indoor and Outdoor Use

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  • Hemp string made from natural jute; Strong and durable; Unoiled and unwaxed; Non stretchy; Colorfast and fade-free; Weather-resistant and fit for indoor and outdoor use; Fray, unravel and shed-resistant; Almost odorless
  • Hemp string twine for crafts, knitting, braiding, weaving, macrame, crochet, gift and bottle wrapping, scrapbooking, decorating, product packaging, jewelry making, hanging, gardening and flower arranging
  • Colored jute twine for crafts for creating wreaths, garlands, ornaments, DIY accessories, journals, wedding, party, and event décor
  • Hemp craft twine easy to cut, glue, string, tie, wax, and knot; Easy to find twine ends; Coordinates well with other home décor; Consistent color and thickness; Continuous length
  • Jute string in bulk packaging; 8 colored twine string rolls; 3-ply; Thickness: 2mm; Length of each roll: 55 yards or 50 meters; Total length: 440 yards or 400 meters