Mandala Crafts Black Beige Gray Child Baby Pet Truck SUV Car Leather Cloth Seat Pad Cover Protector (Gray Pack of 2)

$ 12.99

Color:Gray Pack of 2

No matter whether you have a full-size or small car, this deluxe seat protector has you covered. The meticulously upscale design in black, silver or gray, and beige tan or cream color options, and anti-sliding back layer make it suitable for most common cloth or leather interiors. They can be put in the back, bucket, captain, bench, passenger, or even driver seats. The following features set our protector apart.

* Leaves no marks, lint, permanent indentations or stains on seats; No rubbery residue;
* Compatible with latches, infant carriers, front or rear facing car seats, and boosters; Foldable back;
* Easy to install, remove, or clean; Lightweight; Can be wiped with wet towels or washed with machines;
* Anti-sliding padding; Stays in place well; No need for constant adjustment;
* Water resistant; Great for toddlers while potty training, kids, dogs, gym goers, or hikers with sweaty and muddy clothes;
* Large size to cover the entire seat area but not bulky;
* Spacious bottom mesh organizer for diaper, toys, books, headphones, or sunglasses;
* No interference with car seat locks or safety mechanisms;
* Long-lasting; Weather resistant even in the sun;
* Affordable price with great functionality;

This sleek looking, stylish, and well-constructed protector blends in well with your sports, luxurious, or family automobile. It is not noticeable and will not look out of place in your vehicle. This cover is great for moms, dads, and grandparents. It will effectively protect your car from messes, dirt, crumbs, spills, or dirty shoeprints.

  • DURABLE, HEAVY-DUTY- Protect cloth & leather seats from indentations, sweat, scuffs, or scratches; Odorless; Thick waterproof comfortable canvas oxford fabric;
  • UNIVERSAL- Fits trucks, sedans, jeeps, vans, boats, or jets; Mat: 19 x 38"; Pockets: 15 x 7.25";
  • EASY TO INSTALL & CLEAN- Machine washable; Non-slip;
  • VERSATILE- Great for infant car seats, toddlers, children, pets, or even adults;