Mandala Crafts Cable Crimps for Wire Cable - Cable Crimping Sleeve Set – Aluminum Cable Ends Double Ferrules Wire Rope Sleeves Cable Crimp Loop Kit 200 PCs 1.5mm 1/16 Inch

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Product Description

Have you ever wondered how museums mount their artwork? Are you trying to neatly secure cable railing to a deck or patio? This cable crimp set is the answer. The small cable crimpsare ideal rope connectors for coated or uncoated cables, wires and other metal ropes. Made from aluminum, these rust-free rope crimps are easy to install and provide a secure and tight grip. The installation is as easy as guiding the rope crimp end through the smooth double ferrule openings and compressing the crimp sleeve with a pair of pliers. A single wire rope sleeve will do the job for regular securing and two or more crimps will provide more heavy-duty hold.

These crimp sleeves for wire are a must-have for cable attachments or professional picture or art hanging. From hanging frames, signs, and mirrors to lighting fixtures, these cable crimp sleeves do it all. It is handy to keep these steel cable crimp sleeves around the house for general hanging and crafting purposes. The steel cable crimps can hang plant pots, create cable wire trellises and wind chimes, build wire rope railings for stairs, patios, porches, doors and decks, repair garage door lifts and lawn mowers, reinforce fences and tree stands, or tie down shade canopies and lawn inflatables. The steel cable crimp sleeves are also great for repairing or reinforcing gym equipment, bike, boat lift, kayak, and truck bed covers, and ATV winch cables. The uses of this aluminum sleeves crimp set are so versatile that they can be also used in hunting, trapping and fishing to create snares and traps.

Wire Crimping Loop Sleeves

  • Double barrel oval ferrules made from aluminum metal
  • Durable, sturdy, and malleable
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Secure and firm hold

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Crimping Tips
  • Compress the ferrules in a vertical position
  • Remove the wire coating and crimp directly on the wire for heavy duty hanging or securing
  • Use multiple ferrules for extra strong holding
  • At least 1/8” should be left in-between each crimp
  • Use a pair of crimping pliers for ultimate compressing

  • Hang pictures, artworks, and mirrors
  • Secure clothes lines
  • Crimp aircraft cables
  • Swage ropes, stainless steel, and other metal cables
  • Hang lighting fixtures and porch rails
  • Splice broken fences
  • Create fishing gears

  • Easily compressed by vises, pliers, or other compression tools
  • Optimum hanging security
  • Easy to work with

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Compatibility 1mm Cable Swages 1.2mm Cable Swages 1.5mm Cable Swages 1.8mm Cable Swages 2mm Cable Swages
  • Cable crimp kit made from aluminum metal; Durable and sturdy cable crimp ferrules; Strong yet malleable; Corrosion, salt, and rust-resistant; Secure and firm hold; Inconspicuous with no burrs
  • Aluminum cable clamps compatible with picture hanging wires, clotheslines, stainless steel cables, 7x7 cables, marine-grade cables and other metal rope
  • Cable crimping set for loops, cable railing systems, hanging frames, mirrors and lighting, hunting, and fishing; Wire fence crimps, double barrel crimp sleeves, downrigger cable crimps, winch cable clips or aircraft cable crimps with high tensile strength
  • Aluminum crimps can be easily secured with compression tools, vises, channel lock pliers, or hammers; Professional swagging tools are not required; Multiple wire crimp sleeves can be used for a more secure hold
  • Crimp sleeves in wholesale bulk packaging; 200 wire rope ferrules per pack; Aluminum cable sleeves in consistent shape and size; Internal hole size: 1.5mm; Length: 9mm or 0.36 inch