Mandala Crafts 2mm Waxed Cotton Cord Rope for Necklace Bracelet Jewelry Making String Beading Macrame Braiding 109 Yards

$ 11.99

This roll of lightweight, non sticky, and strong braided round cotton waxed cord has good tensile strength and is easy to work with. It does not easily disintegrate. The following features make this spool of Mandala Crafts cord stand apart.

*It is flexible and easy to maneuver but stiff enough to tie knots or hold shapes.
* It has vibrant colors and will not bleed.
* The ends do not fray easily after cutting.
* The sturdy cord has great strength and durability. It will not break when being pulled with bare hands.
* It is very uniform in thickness, color, and texture.
* The rope is lightly waxed. It is easy to maneuver and leaves no residue.
* It has a generous amount of cord which makes it very cost effective.

This rope has many applications. It can be used in jewelry making, macramé, beading, or crafting to make bracelets, lanyards, necklaces, dream catchers, wind chimes, wall hangings, key rings, plant hangers, bookmarks, shoe or boot laces, book bindings, or even coiling gourds. The cord barely has any stretch, which makes it a great leather stitching thread. It can be used in wrapping or tying because of its decent tension strength. It can be used to tie balloons, wrap wine bottles, or wrap up cables into a wiring harness in an old fashion way or as whipping twine. If you prefer the thread to be more slippery, you can apply more beeswax on the cord.

Cutting Instructions

Melting it with a thread zap or clipping the ends and putting on a bit of clear nail polish will be very effective if you require almost perfect intact ends.

About Mandala Crafts

Mandala Crafts is located in Austin, TX. We have been making quality jewelry accessories for more than 15 years. Mandala Crafts is the only distributor of this brand.

  • STRONG DURABLE - Made from cotton; Natural wax; Not easy to fray; 2mm Thick;
  • LONG AND CONSISTENT - Even thickness; Vibrant colors; 100M;
  • LIGHTLY WAXED - Easy to pull through and open; Mildew resistant; Waterproof; No finger slipping; No chemical odor;
  • VERSATILE- Jewelry making, crafting, leather sewing, knotting, binding, wrapping, stringing, knotting, lacing, or beading;
  • WARRANTY - 30-day no questions asked warranty; Mandala Crafts is an USPTO registered trademark; All rights reserved.