Mandala Crafts 200 Sheer Organza Bags for Wedding Party Favor Bags - Small Mesh Bags Drawstring Pouch Sachet Bags Jewelry Bags for Small Business – Small Organza Gift Bags

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Product Description

Have you noticed that fancy mesh gift bags enhance the presence of gifts tremendously? Are you looking for jewelry pouches drawstring bags for packaging your homemade jewelry? This organza bag set is precisely what you need. Made from luminous sheer organza with a tight drawstring close, the mesh baggies with solid stitching are designed to carry a variety of different items. The gift organza bags are lightweight, airy, and thin for adding a dainty touch without fear of fraying or tearing. Unlike other little bags with cinch cords, the drawstrings on these sheer gift bags remain taut when closed and do not require any reinforcement.

With so many vibrant and palatable colors to choose from, this pack of drawstring pouches will match any theme and take your packaging to the next level! From using as lash bags to soap bags, this set of mini mesh bags with impeccable sheen and wide-ranging utility has you covered. Wonderful for hotels, churches, and small businesses, or for simply popping in your purse, these sheer bags drawstring pouches are exquisite little holders for keychains, nick-knacks, beauty products, business cards, or thank you notes. For tradeshows, ceremonies, or special events, the mini drawstring bags can be used as cute little gift bags to hold goodies or to spruce up a place setting or favor table. The uses of these small organza gift bags are so versatile, they can even be used as herb bags or vegetable and fruit protection bags to ensure your produce stays fresh and safe from animals or pests. With exceptional beauty and utility, the cute little bags are sure to make an impression!

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Small Organza Gift Bags
  • Made from sheer organza fabric with a satin ribbon drawstring
  • See-through with great airflow
  • Keep items clean and secure
  • Size: 4x6 Inches

  • Shread-Resistant
  • Easy to Open & Close
  • Machine Washable & Dryable

Versatile DIY Applications

Great for Packaging Jewelry, Soaps, Crystals, & More!

  • Hold rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, essential oils, treats, coins, stickers, and even potpourri
  • Package lip gloss, samples, crystals, candy, or homemade soaps
  • Perfect to create favors for birthday parties weddings, bridal and baby showers
  • Package candy and gifts for holidays such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Christmas

  • 200 Bulk Organza Bags in a Gorgeous Multicolor Assortment
  • Easy to Personalize with Lace, Tags, or Cards
  • Great for Personal or Commercial Use

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Quantity 20 PCs 100 PCs 50 PCs 12 PCs 50 PCs
  • Small organza bags made from sheer organza fabric and satin ribbon drawstring; See-through organza drawstring bags with draw string closure; Easy to open and close; Organza gift bags with great airflow; Shred-resistant little organza bags; Machine-washable and dryable silk organza bags
  • Jewelry bags drawstring pouches for jewelry packaging; Mesh jewelry bags with drawstring rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets; Small mesh bag assortment for lip gloss, sample, crystal, candy, giveaways, and homemade soap packaging; Sheer bags for essential oils, treats, coins, stickers, or potpourri
  • Wedding organza bags for wedding favor bags; Organza favor bags for bridal and baby showers; Drawstring gift bags for birthdays, and holidays such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Thanksgiving; Candy organza bags for Halloween; Christmas organza bags for Christmas
  • Sheer drawstring bags can be easily personalized with lace, tags, and cards; Colored organza bags keep items clean and secure
  • Drawstring organza bags bulk wholesale pack; 200 bulk organza bags in a gorgeous multicolor assortment; Sheer organza bags 4X6 inches; Mixed organza bags