Mandala Crafts 150D 210D 0.8mm 1mm Leather Sewing Stitching Flat Waxed Thread String Cord (210D 1mm 180M, Black)

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Product Description

This roll of lightweight but heavy-duty braided waxed cord has good tensile strength. It is too strong to break with bare hands and it does not easily disintegrate. The texture is woven and it is not easy to fray. It has many other DIY applications. It can be used in braiding, macramé, beading, jewelry making, and crafting projects. For leather work, it stitches and lays down nicely and the look is very consistent. It can be used to make or repair tents, luggage, backpacks, sleeping bags, shoes, saddles, harnesses, auto tops, athletic outdoor equipment such as camping gears, or even dream catchers. It can stitch up cart covers, leather jackets, holsters, sheaths, and wallets or repair and bind household items such carpets, furniture, or baskets. It is also the ideal cord for tie-dye. The right amount of wax on the cord makes it easy to maneuver.

It is easy to work on the cord by hand or with tools such as awls, giant curved needles, pliers, or speedy stitches. This thread is easy to thread through the needle. If you prefer the thread to be more slippery, applying additional beeswax before sewing will make it even more durable.

Flat Waxed Polyester Cord

  • Made from high quality polyester
  • Durable cord with great tensile strength
  • Consistent color and continuous length
  • Lightly waxed

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Premium Leather Craft Cord

  • Build leather accessories such as wallets and belts
  • Repair shoes, handbags, and luggage
  • Stitch up leather jackets and garments
  • Sew saddles, harnesses, and leashes
  • Create sheaths and holsters

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Vibrant Crafting String

  • Sun catcher, wind chime, and dream catcher making
  • Indoor and outdoor ornament and plant hanging
  • Scrap booking and journal making
  • Repair cart cover, auto tops, or sailboats
  • Carpet and upholstery repair
  • Repair tents, sleeping bags, camping gear
  • Decorating such as bottle wrapping
  • Tie dyeing cord

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Versatile Jewelry Making Cord

  • Braided or friendship bracelets
  • Pendant necklace ropes or bracelet cords
  • Macrame jewelry
  • Bead strings
  • Knotted jewelry
  • Surfing jewelry
  • Stone and gemstone wraps
  • Mala prayer beads

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Highly Adaptable Cording

  • Easy to tie, knot, or cut
  • Compatible with different jewelry findings such as jump rings, fold over crimp beads, or round end caps
  • Can be glued
  • Melt the cord with a thread zap or clip the ends and put on a bit of clear nail polish to yield perfect intact ends
  • More beeswax can be applied to make the cord more slippery

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  • STRONG DURABLE THREAD- Made from high quality polyester yarn textile; Easy to work with by hand or with tools
  • FLAT WAXY STRONG CORD- Consistently and lightly waxed; Easy to pull through and open
  • VERSATILE- Leather sewing, crafting, shoe, bag and carpet repairing, or even beading
  • LONG SPOOL- 210D:180M; 150D: 250M; Combo of 6 Rolls: 210D: 1080M; 150D: 1500M