Mandala Crafts 100 Yards 2.65mm Wide Jewelry Making Flat Micro Fiber Lace Faux Suede Leather Cord

$ 14.49

  • FEELS & LOOKS LIKE REAL LEATHER: Made from micro fiber. Does not fray or break easily; Washable; Water & mildew resistant; Odorless;
  • LONG PACKAGING: 100 Yards or 300 Feet Width: 2.65mm; Thickness: 1mm; Strong and solid Cordage;
  • CONSISTENT: Even wideness, thickness, and color;
  • VERSATILE: Jewelry making, lacing, braiding, beading, wrapping, or decorating;
  • WARRANTY: 30 days no questions asked; Mandala Crafts, a USPTO approved brand, is the only distributor;