Mandala Crafts Blinds String, Lift Cord Replacement from Braided Nylon for RVs, Windows, Shades, and Rollers

$ 12.49

Product Description

This spool of professional grade lift cord is hard to find in hardware or craft stores. The silky and friction reducing polyester cord is well woven and does not twist easily. It is easy to thread through blinds, rollers, and blind ladders. The ends can be heat treated. Our lift cord is perfect for small or large projects. Save yourself the hassle of buying new blinds when your cord breaks, just use this lift cord and repair your blinds yourself.

This lift cord can be used to repair or restring horizontal, retractable, hexagonal, accordion, or vertical Roman, Austrian, Venetian, cellular, Bali blinds, curtains, or sun pleated day or night shades in homes, businesses, campers, vans or other vehicles. It even works great when used for honeycomb or bidirectional shades. This cord is strong enough to handle any size of shade, from mini blinds to heavy room darkening black-out shades.

Whether you want to restring blinds, tie up or hang garden plants, repair wind chimes, make a clothes line, replace cord pulls and extensions, or even repair a fabric cover,this cord will come in handy for small projects around the house. The applications of this cord include DIY crafting, quilting, corded binding, sewing, knotting, tying, wrapping, camping, and even jewelry making.

Blinds Relacement Cord

  • Made from braided nylon material
  • Non-stretch and durable
  • Odorless
  • Well woven and does not twist easily
  • Easy to thread through blinds, rollers, and blind ladders

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Strong and Durable

  • No fading or fraying
  • Weather resistant
  • Heat treatable ends

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Compatible with Verstile Materials

  • Wood, faux wood, or honeycomb
  • Plastic
  • Aluminum or other metals
  • Paper
  • Natural or synthetic fabrics
  • Bamboo

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Verstaile Applications

  • Vertical or horizontal blinds
  • Venetian blinds
  • Mini or micro blinds
  • Panel and blackout blinds
  • Pleated blinds
  • Cellular and solar shades
  • Roman shades
  • Tie-up shades
  • Curtains

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Outdoors Usage

  • RV and camper, boat shades and blinds
  • Outdoor gears
  • Tarp tying
  • Camping

Gardening String

  • Gardening twine string
  • Hang flower pots

Crafting and Jewelry Making

  • String malas, prayer beads, and rosaries
  • Create wind chimes
  • Sew fabric covers
  • Quilting

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  • Made from braided nylon; Non-stretch; No fading or fraying; Odorless; Strong & durable; Fits indoor and outdoor uses; Shrink resistant; Heavy duty; Even thickness and color
  • Great for repairing and restringing vertical, horizontal, Venetian, mini, micro, panel, blackout, or pleated blinds and cellular, solar, roman, tie-up shades; Use for gardening, make outdoor gear, craft, make jewelry, mala, and prayer beads, and ceiling fan & light pull cord and curtain draw string repair
  • Compatible with almost all major brand blinds & shades made from faux or real wood, bamboo, paper, cloth, plastic, vinyl, aluminum, and other metals
  • Wholesale bulk supplies; Length: 109 Yards; Continuous and flexible