Mandala Crafts 6 in 1 Bail Making Pliers Wire Looping Forming Pliers for Jewelry Making Loops Jump Rings 2 Pairs

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Product Description

Have you ever used a pair of round-nosed pliers to make jump rings? Do you feel reliable jewelry making tools are essential for crafting? Without the proper wire wrapping tools, it is almost impossible to get proportional and proper shaped loops. This pair of 6 in 1 bail making pliers is precisely what you need for making intricate bail and wire work easily and efficiently. Good wire wrapping tools are essential for jewelry making. Made from carbon steel with plastic covered handles and tough spring-loaded jaws, the jewelry pliers with impeccable grip produces uniform and consistent loops time and time again, essential for detailed handiwork and designs. No need to carry several mandrel pliers in your toolbox. These dynamic and strong yet gentle 6-step looper pliers will clamp without a gap and cover almost all common loop sizes and ranges of wire thickness without leaving scuffs or damaging coating, even with dead soft sterling silver wire.

Perfect for both jewelry maker hobbyists and professionals, this pair of bail pliers for jewelry making is essential for wire encasing, binding, or filigreeing to make gemstone necklaces, coil chain links, or earring components. The well-constructed bail making looping pliers will remove the guess-work out of sizing so you can achieve stunning symmetrical results with confidence and ease. For handicrafts, the bail shaping pliers can be used to make signs, hangers, chandeliers, wire photo holders, wire wrapped crystals, votives, and tealights. For garment making, these bail-making pliers are useful for building costume pieces and collar closures. The uses of these wire looping pliers are so versatile, they can even be used for small electronic projects or lures.

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Premium Quality Bail Pliers
  • Made from carbon steel
  • Coated anti-slip handles with double-leaf springs
  • Fits dead soft, soft, and half hard wires
  • Comfortable grip and prevent hand fatigue

  • Sturdy and durable

Looping Pliers for Jewelry Making and Crafting

  • Great for jewelry making, beading, bailing, bending, forming, shaping wires;
  • Make ear wires, jump rings, bracelet and pendant bales, s hook clasps, spirals, chain links, eye pins, and jewelry connectors;
  • Create wire sculptures or bonsai trees;

  • Multi-sized bailing mandrel free of burrs
  • Built to last

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Jump Ring Making Instructions

Step 1

  • Mandala Crafts aluminum wire
  • Mandala Crafts bail making pliers
  • A pair of sharp shears

Step 2

  • Wrap the aluminum wire around the pliers mandrel

Step 3

  • Cut the coil off

Step 4

  • Cut the coil with the shears
  • Please make sure to use a pair of really sharp shears

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Material Aluminum Aluminum Copper Aluminum
Pliability Hign High Very High Medium