Elastic String for Masks 1/8 Inch Elastic Cord for Mask Ear Loops; 3mm 50 Yards White Round Elastic Band by Mandala Crafts

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Product Description

Tired of wearing a mask with ear loops that feel like they are pulling off your ears? Does the coarse surface of mask string bother your face? This roll of elastic cord especially made for mask-making could be the answer. This latex-free cord is made from nylon instead of other cheap polyester material. It has just the right elasticity to secure it on the face mask, but it will not bother the ears. The soft texture is very comfortable on the skin. It stretches easily and resumes its original shape without losing elasticity over time, even after numerous washings and dryings. For face mask or shield making, this long lasting and shrink-resistant elastic string is perfect for both home and commercial uses.

The cord is easy to sew, glue, tie, or cut with minimal fraying. The spool cording package is very easy to dispense and store without tangling. The overall length should easily make at least 110 masks. The cord is compatible with toggles, clasps, or even some pony beads if you want to decorate the masks. The uses of this cord are also versatile and it can be used to create necklines or doll clothes.

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Premium Quality Elastic Cord
  • Made from nylon instead of cheap polyester material
  • Can be ironed when using the cotton setting
  • Soft to the touch and hollow-centered

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Will not irritate skin
  • Latex-free
  • Shrink and fray-resistant

Elastic Band Designed for Face Mask Ear Loops

  • Elastic cord for mask straps with mild elasticity for comfortable face mask wear
  • Great for DIY crafting and making cotton fabric mask ties and lightweight face-shield adjustable fasteners for adults or kids
  • Elastic band with long-lasting stretch for both home and commercial use
  • Stretches to 60% or 80% of the original length;
  • Roll packaging for easy dispensing and storage

  • Easy to tie, glue, sew, or cut
  • Breathable and odorless
  • Machine-washable
  • Compatible with other mask-making supplies such as toggles and clasps

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