Mandala Crafts Twill Tape - Cotton Ribbon Webbing - Natural Cloth Strap Herringbone Ribbon for Seam Binding Sewing Trimming Wrapping

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Product Description

Are you tired of fiddling with rough and rigid linen tape for creative sewing and crafting projects? Are you looking for twill cotton tape that is pliable, smooth, easy to work with? This practical and versatile herringbone twill ribbon tape with an organic touch is the answer. With lovely neutral color, this soft and natural ribbon pairs well with a variety of textiles in different patterns and colors. Compared to linen ribbon, bias tape, and thick cloth webbing, this cotton herringbone twill tape is much more flexible and easier to work with. For light-duty tying, reinforcing, and binding, this wide cloth ribbon can outperform other sewing tapes. The seam binding ribbon can also be dyed and the length can be customized without fraying.

For sewing, tailoring, and clothes making, this twill tape for sewing will reinforce seams, create casings, make button loops, tailor dresses, and trim draperies or clothing edges. The sewing twill tape is essential for sewing hobbyists and professionals to create aprons, garments, belt loops, gown strings, tags, labels, and fashion accessories. The strap ribbon can also replace drawstrings for sweatpants, pajamas, hoodies, or shorts. This herringbone ribbon tape is handy to keep around the house for tying curtains and cables, binding quilts and blankets, adding hanging loops to bath towels, putting ties inside duvet covers, repairing roll-up blinds or crib bumpers, or wrapping bicycle handlebars. The application of the soft twill tape is so versatile that the ribbon can even be used to wrap gifts or decorate parties, weddings, or homes.

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Premium Quality Twill Tape
  • Made from natural cotton
  • Comfortable to touch
  • Breathable fabric

  • Will not fray
  • Easy to dye
  • Colorfast and bleeding free

Versatile Sewing and Crafting Applications

  • Reinforce button holes
  • Make casings
  • Bind edges
  • Make sturdy ties
  • Tie curtains and cables
  • Wrap bicycle handlebars
  • Make drawstrings
  • Sew aprons and garments
  • Bind quilts and blankets
  • Wrap gifts

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Continuous length and consistent width
  • Easy to sew and work with

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Maxi Single Fold Piping Trim Double Fold Bias Tape Invisible Clear Sewing Thread Mercerized Cotton Thread All Purpose Serger Thread
Material 50% Cotton & 50% Polyeste Polyester Nylon 100% Cotton Polyester
Size/Length 1/2'' Wide / 55 Yards 1'' Wide / 55 Yards 6560 Yards 50S/3 / 1200 Yards per Spool 40S/2 / 6000 Yards per Spool
Other Varieties Available?
  • Cotton ribbon or cinta de algodon made from natural cotton fabric; Evenly woven herringbone twill pattern; Sturdy, durable, and breakage-resistant; Light weight and breathable; Colorfast, odorless, and bleed free
  • Cotton twill tape for binding, seaming, strapping, packaging, casing, webbing, trimming, dress making, gift wrapping, finishing raw edges, or DIY crafting
  • Cloth ribbon for sewing by hand or sewing machine; Fine twill tape ribbon to create casings, reinforce seams, replace drawstrings for sweatpants, hoodies, and shorts, customize tags and labels, create apron strings, tie closings, and bicycle handlebars
  • Cotton tape with a soft comfortable feel; Machine washable and dryable; Can be easily cut, dyed, customized, trimmed, and stained
  • Cotton webbing twill ribbon tape in bulk; 50-yard roll; 1 1/2 inch wide