Button Extender for Pants - Waistband Extenders for Men Jeans Dress Pants Khakis Women Pregnancy by Mandala Crafts

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Product Description

Are you on the verge of throwing away your favorite pants because the waistband is too tight? Fluctuating weight throughout your life shouldn’t make you toss your favorite pants in the waste basket. It’s not good for you or the environment. This set easy-to-use and heavy-duty waist adjusters for pants can conveniently add ½ to 2 inches of extra waist-line extension, no sewing required. Made from high quality plastic buttons and soft cotton fabric, these button adjusters for pants are comfortable for everyday wear. The waist button extenders in five assorted colors seamlessly blend in with a variety of slacks or dress pants from different makers. To install: Attach the button on the extender to the slit on your jean’s waist band, then secure the original button on your jeans through one of the two button-holes on the extender, and hide it with a long shirt or belt buckle.

Unlike retractable pant button clip hooks or elastic waist extenders, these built-to-last waist extenders can match the color of your trousers better and are more comfortable to wear. Designed with thought of fitting all genders and ages, these flex waist button extenders can be used by kids who are quickly growing out of their pants, men, or women of any age. When being used as pregnancy pants extenders, these pant stretchers are more comfortable than belly bands, and can also extend the life of trousers through early stages of pregnancy and help women get back in their pants quicker post-partum. These button pant extenders are also helpful for those who have arthritis to button their pants with ease.

Premium Quality Jean Extenders
  • Made of Cotton Fabric & a Plastic Button
  • 5 Different Shades for Maximum Compatibility
  • Easily Concealed by Belts or Long Shirts

  • Retains Shape Over Time
  • No Sewing Required
  • Lays Flat & Discreet
  • Two Adjustable Slots

Versatile & Simple to Use!

Extend Waistlines on Your Denim Clothing!

  • Can be worn on khaki pants, slacks, dress pants, shorts, or skirts
  • Can be concealed with a long shirt or belt buckle
  • Easily adjust your waistline as needed throughout a work day, while out with friends, or when running errands
  • Blends in well with trousers from different designers

  • Durable & Sturdy
  • Flexible, Reusable, & Lightweight
  • Machine-Washable & Dryable
  • Comfortable to Wear & Will Not Irritate Skin
  • Great for Women, Men & Kids!

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Great for All Kinds of People!

Unisex Design for All Genders

Great for men and women who struggle with weight fluctuation and weight gain.

Works Well for Children

Ideal for kids and teenagers who are outgrowing their clothes quickly.

Pregnancy & Post-Partum

Extend the life of your jean bottoms through the early stages of pregnancy & post-partum.

Easy on Arthritic Fingers

Well-suited for people with arthritis and joint pain who need help buttoning their pants.

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No-Sew & Easy Install!

Step 1

Select a cloth color that most closely resembles the color of your pants.

Step 2

Attach the button on the extender to the slit on your pant’s waist band.

Step 3

Secure the original button on your pants through one of the two button-holes on the extender.

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Jean Tack Buttons Metal Snap Fasteners Metal Leather Grommets 3/4" Wide Button Hole Elastic Band
Count 80 Sets 80 Sets 100 sets 18 (Buttons), 15 yards
  • Waistband extenders with plastic buttons and two buttonholes made from cotton fabric; Durable and sturdy; Flexible, reusable, and lightweight; Machine-washable and dryable; Comfortable and discreet to wear and will not irritate skin; Retains shape over time; Lays flat and discreet; No sewing required
  • Pants extender to comfortably wear with khaki pants, slacks, dress pants, shorts, or skirts; Can be concealed with a long shirt or belt buckle; Easy to use; Split and fray resistant
  • Pant button extenders for men, women, and kids; Unisex design and fits all ages; Easily slip on a waistline expander to adjust your waistline as needed throughout a work day, when out with friends, or while running errands; Blend in well with pants from different designers
  • Button pant extender with 2 adjustable slots; Convenient for everyday wear; Can also be great maternity pants extenders for women in early pregnancy and post-partum
  • Waist extenders in black, khaki, blue, gray, and dark gray; Adds ½ to 2 inches of extra waistband space; Pack of 5 pieces; Band length: 3.25 inches; Band width: 1.37 inches; Button size: 0.6 in; Slit size: 0.75 inch