Adhesive Backed Felt Sheet for Crafts, Drawer Liner; 20 PCs Velvet Fabric Strip with Sticky Backing by Mandala Crafts

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Have your flocking projects ever gone south ending up with glue getting stuck everywhere? Do you ever wonder how professionals lay felt so neatly? This stack of self-adhesive felt sheets are a much better alternative to messily gluing felt, and will be a game changer! The felt sheets are easy to cut and the backing paper cover is easy to peel off. The adhesive has the right amount of stickiness, providing a sturdy, long-lasting bond while also being very forgiving with location adjustments. It will not lose adhesiveness even if you lift and adjust the strips several times. The thin felt pad is not conspicuous, and has slight stretch to make applications at odd angles or shape much easier.

The velvet or velour-type surface is very soft to the touch. Without the cheap glossiness of some sheets, these felt sheets add a rich finishing touch to any crafting project. Whether you are lining a drawer, resurfacing a jewelry box, or even creating your own jewelry displays, these sheets can do it all. They are convenient to keep on hand to add to trivets, canisters, cookie jars, door stops, coasters or cabinet feet to protect your counter or floor from marring and scratching. Want to get rid of the rattling sound in your car? A little felt here and there and the rattle is gone. This peel and stick felt sheet can also be cut into different shapes or letters to create appliques for a shirt or dress!

Easy to Cut & Install!

  • Made from velvet & self-adhesive backing;
  • Slightly stretchy for easy application;
  • Can be cut by hand or machine;

  • Strong & Durable Hold
  • Soft to the Touch

Versatile Self-Adhesive Felt Sheet

Great for DIY Crafting & Home Improvement!

  • Lining drawers, shelves & jewelry boxes;
  • Adorning frames, jewelry displays, lamps & furniture;
  • Creating coasters and felt pads for table & floor protection;
  • Decorating houses, or adorning clothing & costumes
  • Sticks to surfaces such as cloth, china, stone, metal, glass, wood & more

  • Easy to Cut into Any Shape
  • No Adhesive Residue
  • Long Lasting Stickiness

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Drawer Liners

Create an elegant padding for your drawers or jewelry box!

Felt Pads for Furniture

Protect your floors by placing this felt under furniture legs.

DIY Holiday Crafts

Make unforgettable felt holiday crafts with your kids!

Clothing Decorations

Design one-of-a-kind appliques and patches for your outfits.

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Rhinestone Crystal Mesh Ribbon Roll Beaded Faux Pearl & Rhinestone Trim ound Flatback Glass Cabochon Beads Adhesive Rhinestone Sticker Sheet
Color Silver Ivory Multicolor Crystal AB
Amount 20 Yards 10 Yards 200 pcs 7.75" x 9.5", 6,750 Rhinestones
More Colors/Sizes Available?
  • Felt sheets for crafts made from velvet and self-adhesive backing; Strong and durable hold; Long lasting stickiness; Soft to the touch; Can be cut by hand or machine; Slightly stretchable for easier application on odd angles or shapes;
  • Felt strips with adhesive backing for DIY crafting such as lining drawers, shelves, and jewelry boxes, surfacing frames, jewelry display, lamp, and furniture, creating coasters and felt pads for table and floor protection, decorating houses, or adorning clothing and costumes;
  • Easy to cut into any shape; Easy to install; Stick to various surfaces such as cloth, china, stone, metal, glass, and wood; No adhesive residue; Can be lifted and relocated without losing stickiness during the application process;
  • Bulk wholesale adhesive felt pads; 20 sheets; Size: 11.5 X 8 Inches; (Slightly larger than a piece of A4 paper); Thickness: 1mm;