Womens Simulated Gemstones Beaded Leather Wrap Around Bracelet

$ 99.99

$ 25.99

This long wrap around bracelet is made from synthetic lava rock, accent beads, alloy, and leather. This long beaded wrapped bracelet will wrap around your wrist up to 5 times. This bracelet makes the perfect personalized fashion statement for teen girls and women. It is always thoughtful to give an elegant wrap bracelet to the woman or girl you love.

  • Made from simulated sodalite stone beads, alloy, and leather cord; Free Mandala Crafts gift bag; The beautiful pattern and color of every bead vary due to the nature of stones;
  • Total Length: about 40 Inches; Length of the bracelet with stones: About 35 inches; Length of the Buckle Cord Without Stones; About 5 inches; Bead size: About 6mm; Please make sure the length will fit you by measuring your wrist’s circumference.
  • Width (wrapped 5 Times) About 1.75 inches; Width (wrapped 6 times); About 2 inches; it is a wide bracelet and please make sure this is not bulky to you;
  • Please note this bracelet mostly can wrap around your wrist about 5 times. For people with smaller wrists, it can wrap up to 6 times. Once you decide on the length of the bracelet you need, you can cut the extra cord at the end to shorten the bracelet; You can also untie the knots on the leather cord at the end of the bracelet and retie the knot to fit your wrist;
  • Please note the bracelet cord is made from cowhide leather. Cowhide leather has a slight odor of natural leather. The odor might exist especially after being packed in a sealed plastic bag before it reaches you. Though most people like the leather smell, it might be unpleasant to some people. Leaving it in a sealed container with baking soda will be very helpful to get rid of the odor if you think it is unpleasant.