Mandala Crafts Unisex Hawaiian Surfer Style Cotton Cord Braided Leather Bracelet

$ 29.99

$ 7.99

This cool unisex leather braidedbracelet is made from PU leather and cotton cord. It can be worn by men, women, boys, or girls. This Hawaiian surger style bracelet is adjustable. The size is one size fits most. Please do not untie the knot. To wear the bracelet, please drag the both sides of the bracelet and put your hand through. Pull both strings to fit.

  • Unisex Unique Women Fashion Braided Leather Bracelet Made from PU Leather and Cotton Cord;
  • Very Easy and Comfortatble to Wear;
  • Hawaiian Surfer Style Leather Bracelet; Free Mandala Crafts jewelry pouch;
  • One Size Fits Most; WARRANTY: 45 Days; Hinky Imports is a trademark solely owned by Mandala Crafts. Mandala Crafts is the only distributor.
  • Please do not untie the knot. Drag both sides of the bracelet to opposite directions. Put your hand through. Then pull the both strings to adjust to fit.