Unisex Black Simulated Hematite Stone Bead Necklace

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This magnetic hematite stone beaded pendant necklace is made from lab simulated hematite beads. The hematite pendants include Christian Cross, Christian fish, elephant, dog, arrowhead, unicorn, butterfly, triangle, and heart. Some people believe that black hematite magnet jewelry have healing power. However, we do not imply or guarantee this fashion jewelry necklace is made for cure or heal any disease or ease any pain. It is a very cool and unique necklace made for men, women, teen girls, or teen boys.

  • Unisex Black Non Magnetic Hematite Stone Necklace for Men or Women Made from Simulated Hematite;
  • Hematite Chain Length: 30 Inches;
  • Non Magnetic Hematite Catholic Saint Rosary Necklacel;
  • Gun Metal Polished Black Heamtite;