Tibetan Zen Buddhist Wooden 108 Yoga Meditation Mala Prayer Beads Wrap Bracelet (Anchor)

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This set of mala prayer beads rosary is made from sandalwood scented wood beads. The string is elastic. It can be used as a wrap around bracelet or a necklace. It can also be used as a set of worry beads or prayer beads for yoga or meditation practices. The charm options on the prayer beads are tree of life, Dharma Wheel, Om, Fleur de Lis, anchor, Buddha, louts flower, elephant, or peace sign. The location of the charm can be easily adjusted. Prayer beads, mala, or japa beads are very commonly used by Tibetan Buddhist monks or used as an ornament on a Buddha statue. They are usually made from wood such as sandalwood, bone, metal, or seeds. It normally has 108 beads and a guru bead. It has different names such as nichiren, juzu, or bahai in Korean, Japanese, or Hindu religion. They are great tools in Yoga or meditation practice.

  • Tibetan Zen Buddhist Wooden 108 Mala Prayer Beads Made from Wood; Divider Beads Made from Synthetic Materials; Charm Made from Alloy;
  • Elastic String: Can be used as a wrap bracelet or a necklace; Bead Size: 8mm; Length: 35 Inches (Before Stretching);
  • 108 Beads, Three Sets of Counting Divider Beads, and One Guru Bead;
  • Great for Yoga or Meditation Practices; Can also be used as a set of rosary or worry beads;
  • Different Removable Charm Selection: Tree of Life, Lotus Flower, Dharma Wheel, Peace Sign, Om Symbol, or Dorje;