Tibetan Zen Buddhist 108 Sandalwood Scented Mala Prayer Beads Necklace Wrap Bracelet

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Prayer beads, also called mala, japa, juzu beads, nichiren beads, or rosary, are very commonly used in Tibetan, Korean, Japanese, Hindu, and Chinese Buddhist practices. It is also a very popular tool in Yoga or meditation practices. Monks carry them for their daily meditation or chanting. They are also used as decorative piece on Buddha statues. They normally have 108 beads plus a Guru bead. Wooden prayer beads especially sandalwood prayer beads are very commonly used as a wrap bracelet too if the string is elastic. This set of sandalwood scented prayer beads has premium quality and made in Nepal. The charm on the mala can be easily relocated or removed.

  • Sandalwood Scented Wood Mala Prayer Beads Made in Nepal;
  • Wood Beads Size: 8mm; Length: 28 Inches; Free Removable Charm Options Include Tree of Life, Peace Sign, Anchor, Fleur de List, Om Symbol, Tibetan Mantra, Dharma Wheel, Dorje, or Lotus Flower;
  • 108 Tibetan Zen Buddhist Mala Prayer Beads and One Guru Bead;
  • Elastic String Rosary Mala: Can be used as a necklace or a wrap bracelet;
  • Free Mandala Crafts Velvet Gift Bag;