~ Tibetan Large 12 X 12 Inches Prayer Flags ~ 5 Roll SET ~ Lungta Flag X 105 Prayer Flags, 105 Feet

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This item has five sets of large Tibetan prayer flags. The size is 12 X 12 inches. There are 21 Tibetan Prayer Flags in each set and 50 flags in total per set. Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags are from Nepal. Tibetan Prayer Flags are Hung High in the mountains on Tree Tops, Bridges, Roof Top, Outside Monasteries, holy sites or places where you can catch the wind. The purpose is to bring Peace and Good Luck spread by the wind blowing through them; they are commonly referred to as Peace Flags or Lungta (Lung Ta,) which is the the Wind Horse often pictured on them.

  • Large Tibetan Prayer Flags 12 X 12 Inches; Length: 105 Feet
  • 21 Flags in Each Set, 105 in Total
  • Lungta Prayer Flags
  • Handmade in Nepal
  • Free Copyrighted Tibetan Mantra Buddha Eye Magnet