Tibetan Buddhist Yak Bone Mala Beads

$ 19.99

This mala is made from yak bone beads on a cotton cord. There are 108 beads on this mala. Prayer beads are used in Buddhism and Hinduism as a way to count mantras during meditation. Using a mala allows you to fully focus on the mantra you are saying and the meaning behind the mantra while meditating. This mala is stylish too, and malas are often worn as necklaces or bracelets when not in use.

  • This mala has 108 beads;
  • Handmade in Nepal;
  • Each bead is 9 mm wide and the mala is 30 inches long;
  • Premium Quality Yak Bone Mala;
  • Made from Yak Bone Beads.