Tibetan Buddhist 108 Wood Beads Prayer Necklace Meditation Mala and Tibetan Mantra Magnet Gift Set

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These Tibetan mala beads, or prayer beads, are an important tool in meditation, and can be worn or carried as a Buddhist prayer beads bracelet or necklace. This mala is made of 9mm wooden beads, strung on elastic string. Traditionally, a Buddhist mala has 108 beads, as does this one. In Buddhist rituals, the mala is held in one hand while meditating and the mantra is repeated as your fingers pass over each bead. Prayer beads are popular in many other religions as well; for example, Hindu prayer beads also have 108 beads on a japa mala. These prayer beads were handmade in Nepal. The prayer beads come with a copyrighted Tibetan Mantra Buddha Eye magnet.

  • Wood Prayer Beads
  • 9mm Wood Beads
  • 108 Wood Beads
  • Elastic cord