Hinky Imports Tibetan 8mm Green Sandalwood Scented Prayer 108 Mala Beads Wrap Bracelet

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This necklace is made from green sandalwood scented beads. This mala necklace has 108 beads and a guru bead. The mala is handmade in Nepal. This 108 zen Buddhist prayer beads mala necklace is made from wood. If the string is elastic, it can also be used as a prayer beads wrap bracelet. 108 prayer beads are very commonly used in Hindu, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese religion. It is also called japa or juzu beads. The materials to make them range can be quite different. Some are made from turquoise, wood, or jade. They are also used in Yoga and meditation practices. The beads are made out of Wood and are fragrant, scented like Sandalwood. It can be used as a rosary, Tibetan prayer beads, a mala, a necklace, or a bracelet. This jewelry piece can be worn by girls, women, boys, or men.

  • Wrap Around Tibetan 108 Prayer Beads Mala Made from Green Sandalwood Scented Beads
  • 8mm Sandwalwood Scented Wood Beads
  • 108 Beads; Three Dividing Beads, Handmade in Nepal
  • Length: 35 inches
  • Great Wrap Bracelet or Worry Beads Necklace