Tibetan 7mm Bodhi Daemonorops Seeds Brass Guru Bead Prayer Beads Mala Necklace Wrap Bracelet, Om Charm

$ 15.99

This 108 zen Buddhist prayer beads mala necklace is made from made from Bodhi beads. There are many kinds of bodhi beads. This kind is called 'star and moon' Bodhi beads. The inside texture of the seeds is dense and solid with small black spots. The origin is from the tropical areas in South China, Indonesia, and India. These beads are commonly used to make Tibetan malas. When the color is white before being dyed brown, they are also called lotus root, lotus seeds, or linen nuts. The beads are very hard and dense. The small holes on the beads are called moons and the tiny black spots covering the surface are called stars. 108 prayer beads are very commonly used in Hindu, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese religion. It is also called japa or juzu beads. The materials to make them range can be quite different. Some are made from turquoise, wood, or jade. They are also used in Yoga and meditation practices.

  • Bead Size: 7mm; Length: 31 Inches; Elastic String
  • 108 Beads Prayer Beads Mala;
  • Charm is Removable