Tibetan 108 Zen Buddhist Dark Brown Prayer Beads Mala Necklace Bracelet with a Charm

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Prayer beads or malas are very commonly used in Chinese, Hindu, Korean, Tibetan, and Japanese Buddhist practices. It is also used in Yoga and meditation. This unique handmade prayer beads can be used as a set of worry beads, rosary, or mala. The string is elastic. It can be easily worn as a necklace or a bracelet. The bracelet charm location can be easily adjusted and or removed. This set of mala is made from wooden beads. The color is dark brown which is also almost black.

  • Tibetan 108 Zen Buddhist Prayer Beads Made from Wood; (The color is dark brown, which is almost black.); Alloy Removable Charm;
  • Great for Mantra Prayer Chanting, Yoga, or Meditation Practice; comes with a free Mandala Crafts gift bag
  • Elastic String Mala: Can be used as a necklace or bracelet;
  • Bead Size; 8mm; Length: 32 Inches;
  • Different Bracelet Charm Option: Lotus Flower, Bodhi Tree Leaf, Elephant, Owl, Tree of Life, Yin Yang, Om, Peace, Buddha, and Om Symbol;