Simulated Green Quartz Yoga Meditation 108 Prayer Beads Mala Wrap Bracelet or Necklace

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This beautiful yoga inspired wrap bracelet or necklace is made from simulated green quartz beads, and brass accent beads. The string is elastic. It can wrap around your wrist about three times. The charms on the stretch pearl wrap bracelet can be removed. This wrap around bracelet can also be used as a set of japa 108 prayer beads, juzu beads, mala beads, worry beads, nichiren beads, or rosary beads. This is not only a stunning wrap bracelet or necklace but also a very unique piece of yoga or meditation jewelry. This bracelet makes the perfect personalized fashion statement for teen girls and women. The charm options include the tree of life charm, the Om symbol charm, a lotus flower, an anchor, an elephant, a peace symbol, or a lotus flower charm. The charm clips on and is removable and the location can be easily changed. The charms are made from alloy. This unique pearl bracelet is one of the most popular graduation, anniversary, thank you, birthday, last minute, get well, Mother's day, or Christmas gifts for women, ladies, and girls. It is always thoughtful to give a real pearl bracelet to the woman or girl you love.

  • Wrap Bracelet or Necklace Made from Simulated Green Quartz Beads and Brass Accent Beads; Guru Beads Made from Brass; Dividing Beads Made from Brass Accent Beads; Free Mandala Crafts Gift Bag;
  • Removable Alloy Charm: Tree of Life, Om Symbol, Anchor, Elephant, Peace Sign, Lotus Flower, or Buddha Head;
  • Length: 24 Inches (Before Stretching); Please make sure the length fits your wrist to be used as a wrap bracelet; Elastic String: Can be used as a wrap bracelet or a necklace; Bead Size: 5.5 to 6.5mm;
  • Traditional Tibetan Mala: 108 Bead Mala Prayer Beads Rosary, One Set of Guru Beads, and Three Sets of Dividing Beads;
  • Great and One of the Most Popular Graduation, Anniversary, Thank You, Birthday, Last Minute, Get Well, Mother's Day, or Christmas Gifts for Women, Ladies, and Girls;