Red Wood Carved Prayer Beads Wrist Mala Bracelet with Removable Charm

$ 29.99

$ 9.99

Tibetan Buddhists use malas to count mantras. Prayer beads or malas are commonly used by Buddhists around the world. They are normally made from gemstone, bone, wood and seed beads. It is a great fashion jewelry piece or a set of worry beads, rosary, or wrist mala for prayer chanting, Yoga, or meditation practices.

  • Tibetan Zen Buddhist Prayer Beads Wrist Mala Made from Wood; Removable Charm Made from Alloy
  • Asian Carved Red Wooden Stretch Wrist Mala Bracelet;
  • Bead Size: 14-14.5mm; Elastic String Stretch Wrist Mala: One Size Fits Most;
  • Unique Charm Options: Tree of Life, Om, Elephant, Lotus Flower, Yin Yang, Dharma Wheel, Endless Knot, Peace, and Buddha
  • Great Fashion Charm Bracelet, Prayer Beads, Wrist Mala, Worry Beads, Rosary for Yoga, Meditation, or Prayer Chanting Purpose;