Mudra Crafts(TM) Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Altar Ritual Tantric Vajra Dorje Phurba Axe Dagger Statue

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Color:Tibetan Axe

Tibetans use different ritual items in their Buddhist practices. A kartika, or a tantric axe knife, is a crescent knife or axe. It is used in Vajrayana Buddhist ceremonies. It represents the power to destroy ignorance and reach enlightenment. It is a very important ritual implement tool. A Dorje, also called a vajra, is the symbol of Vajrayana. It represents the thunderbolt enlightenment. The vajra is one of the most important ritual implement tools in Buddhism. Some Tibetan Buddhist deities have the word vajra prefixed to their names such as Vajrasattva. A phurpa, also called magic dagger, is a tantric ritual item used to conquer evil spirits and to destroy obstacles. It is normally used in magic rituals by highly achieved Tantric practitioners. The practitioner normally meditate first before using the phurba to invite the spirit into the phurba.

  • Made from copper and brass alloy;
  • Unique and hard to find Tibetan Buddhist ritual items for altar set up, decoration, meditation, or Buddhist practice;
  • Size: 3.5 X 3.5 Inches;
  • This item is handmade in Nepal with very little machine aids. The surface of the item is not as spotless as that of a machine made product. Imperfections might exist due to the handmade nature. Imperfections might include small dents, uneven tone of the metal, or scratches on the surface.
  • Mudra Crafts is a brand registered and approved by USPTO. This brand solely belongs to Mandala Crafts. Every Phurba or Dorje is packed with a Mudra Crafts brand box. Mandala Crafts is the only distributor of this brand.