Mudra Crafts White Black Decorative Hanging Round Pastel Paper Lanterns with Led Light Bulb and Battery Set

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Color:White 12 Inches

Chinese paper lantern lamps, or lamparas chinas in Spanish, are also commonly used in Japanese and Korean culture. They are beautiful decors for both day and night. This pack of 10 count Chinese pastel colored lanterns from mini to large with battery operated LED lights is very easy to install. Although they can be used as lampshades with regular bulbs, the LED lights increase the safety and flexibility so they can easily hang indoor from the ceiling or outdoors from patios, porches, pavilions, trees, or pools. They are unique decoration ideas. For weddings, festivals, receptions, showers, theme, birthday, anniversary, Halloween, Christmas, garden, or graduation parties, these lanterns will instantly jazz up a regular space such as a warehouse and accent the ambiance with a Bohemian touch. With different color options such as white, black, gold, pink, yellow, and green, they illuminate your party so you can celebrate the moment of love.

The lanterns are tougher than they look. However, if you accidentally tear it, it can easily be repaired with some tissue paper, latex glue, and water. They can be easily decorated with stickers, sharpies, or markers. You can also add streamers, floral adornments, or pair these with lighting when you hang them for a classy vibe. With crafty arrangements, they can be perfect lighted centerpieces, adding beautiful simplicity to your events.

The LED lights can be hung on the top hooks. If you want it to be more centered, florist wires, invisible lines, ropes, or aluminum wires can be used. Mandala Crafts carries a broad range of compatible accessories to hang the lanterns and LED bulbs.

About Mudra Crafts ®

Mudra Crafts ® is located in Austin, TX. It is a USPTO registered brand solely owned by Mandala Crafts. We have been making quality products since 2001. All our products are made with care and professionalism.

  • Pastel rice paper and iron wire frame; Can be easily painted, dyed, or decorated; Handmade; Foldable; Easy to store and use;
  • BULK: 10 counts; 12 Inches; 20 twisting on and off LED lights; 1.5 volt LR41 8 hours batteries included;
  • LED LIGHTS: Safe; Kids friendly; Non blinking; Free copyrighted double happiness sticker;
  • VERSATILE: Weddings, parties, staging, or holiday decorations;
  • WARRANTY: 45 Days: Mandala Crafts is the owner and only distributor of Mudra Crafts ®, a USPTO registered brand;