Mudra Crafts Tibetan Sound Healing Straight Edge Singing Bowl Set, 4 Inches, Green

$ 24.99

Our singing bowls are made from seven metals in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Singing bowls with straight edges are easier to play and make a deeper sound. A handmade wooden striker and a tri-color wooden prayer beads with a Mandala charm are included with this singing bowl. You are ready to begin your daily meditation or yoga practice with this Mudra Crafts singing bowl set. Rubbing or hitting the edge of a singing bowl makes a calming and relaxing vibration for sound healing therapy, Chakra balancing, Reiki practices, or to make soothing music.

Bowl Mouth Size: 4 Inches; (The bowl body is bigger than the mouth;)

This singing bowl set includes one singing bowl, one wooden striker, and a wooden prayer bead mala with a mandala charm.