Mudra Crafts Tibetan Sound Healing Meditation Yoga Singing Bowl, Wood Prayer Beads with a Mandala Charm

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Size:5.75 Inches |  Color:Ganesh

Tibetan Singing Bowls with the Best Prices!

Tibetan singing bowls are made with seven metals. Our singing bowls are made in Nepal and we only work with the best artisans.

Singing bowls are also called rin gongs. They are ancient meditation tools made in Asian countries including Nepal, China and Japan. Our singing bowls are made in Nepal. In some Buddhist practices, singing bowls are used to initiate and end a meditation period. In Asian Feng shui practice, singing bowls are also used to cast out evil spirits and bad chi to clear the space.

The long lasting soothing sound also reduces stress and helps people concentrate and gain better health. A lot of therapists use singing bowls in their sound healing therapy practices. Some teachers even use singing bowls to calm students with ADHD or ADD. Singing bowls are also wonderful for tasteful home decor.

Mudra Crafts owns the brand Hinky Imports, which has been importing singing bowls to the states since 2001. As one of the earliest importers of singing bowls in America, our singing bowls are widely used by professionals. We have had TV and movie producers purchase from us and use our bowls on their shows. Some Yoga and Hollywood celebrities have also purchased our singing bowls. Our customers include psychotherapists, Tibetan monks, musicians, therapists, and members of the clergy.

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  • This SINGING BOWL is made from seven metals in the Himalayan region of Nepal. The tone is long lasting and deep, and this singing bowl is easy to play. A handmade wooden striker and a tri-color wooden prayer beads with a Mandala charm are included with this singing bowl. You are ready to begin your daily meditation or yoga practice with this Mudra Crafts singing bowl set;
  • Rubbing or hitting the edge of a singing bowl makes a calming and relaxing vibration for sound healing therapy, Chakra balancing, Reiki practices, or to make soothing music;Bowl Mouth Size: 5.75 Inches; The writings might vary due to the handmade nature. The statue inside will be the same;
  • Our bowls are meticulously hand-picked and inspected to ensure uncompromising quality. Mudra Crafts® also owns the brand, Hinky Imports, which is the earliest importer of singing bowls in the American market. Our history and expertise guarantee you the best price and impeccable quality;
  • This singing bowl set is a gift that will not go wrong no matter the receiver's gender, background, religious belief, or age. Our professional packaging of this set makes it an easy gift.
  • Every singing bowl set is packed with a Mudra Crafts® box; Mudra Crafts® is a registered and approved brand with the USPTO. Mandala Crafts is the owner and the only distributor. We offer a 30-day no questions asked money back warranty for our singing bowls.