Mudra Crafts Porcelain Yoga Buddha Statue Fragrance Oil Warmer Burner Aromatherapy Diffuser

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This Buddha head essential oil burner is a very unique piece. You can use it as a Buddha head statue to decorate your yoga and meditation room or your home when you are not burning essential oil.

The burner is made from porcelain, which makes it very easy to clean.

  • This essential oil warmer is perfect for your home or office and it is appealing and durable. This essential oil burner is made from porcelain and there is a holder for tea light candles. Used for stress relief and aromatherapy;
  • Because of the unique design of this oil burner, it can also be used as a peaceful Buddha statue for your home, a gift, for feng shui, or in your yoga and meditation room, table, shrine, altar, or temple;
  • This oil warmer is easy to clean with a wet towel or sponge. Please wait until the top burner has cooled before attempting to wipe;
  • Choose from our selection of meticulously designed sitting Buddha statues;
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