Mudra Crafts M2 M2.5 M3 M5 M6 Screw Assortment Kit Case Set for Laptop Notebook Computer PC Repair

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  • STURDY: Made from alloy steel; Black and silver tone designs; Resistant to stripping;
  • Storage box with removable compartment dividers; Packed in labeled individual bags; Will not be mixed up in shipping;
  • Computer or electronic repair; Fits most laptop computers;
  • 20 Pieces: M2 X2, X2.5, X3, X3.5, X4, X5 (Flat Head), X5 (Pan Head), X6, X8, and X10; M2.5 X 3, X4, and X5; M3X4; Mixed;
  • WARRANTY: 45-day no questions asked warranty; Mudra Crafts, a USPTO registered brand, is solely owned by Mandala Crafts, which is the only distributor;