Mudra Crafts Handmade Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Altar Ritual Yoga Vajra Bell Dorje Set, Wood Prayer Beads with a Mandala Charm

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In Tibetan Buddhism, the dorje symbol is inseparable from the bell. The dorje symbol came to Tibetan Buddhism from Hinduism. In Sanskrit, dorje is called vajra. Vajra means, thunderbolt or diamond, and the vajra is indestructible. In Tantric Buddhism, the bell represents the feminine, and the dorje represents the masculine, or the dorje represents a thunderbolt, and the bell represents a diamond. In Buddhist ceremonies in Tibet, the bell and the dorje are always used together. The dorje can be used to strike the bell. When holding the dorje and bell together, the dorje is held in the right hand, and the bell is in the left hand. The vajra is often used as a tool in meditation. The bell and dorje symbol can also be meditated on, because we must balance both the masculine and feminine elements within us in order to reach enlightenment. They are also commonly used to clear space and keep evil spirits away.

This bell and Dorje set is produced by craftsman who mold metal combinations of up to 12 metals. The primary substance is bell bronze, which is 80% copper and 20% other metals. They are of uncompromising quality at a very low price. The handle with Buddha statue embellishments can be unscrewed for storage or cleaning. If you enjoy a lovely appearance and the sheer fun of producing soothing sound, this Tibetan bell and Dorje set is a must-have for your collection. The intricate detailing makes it also a unique gift or home decoration piece. Having a bell and dorje set on your office desk not only will offer you blessings but also gives you a great conversation piece.

We offer a 30-day no questions asked money back warranty for our bell and Dorje sets.

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  • This Tibetan bell and Dorje set is made from copper alloy in the Himalayan region of Nepal. A tri-color wooden prayer beads mala with a Mandala charm is included. Small Bell Diameter: 2.25 Inches; Height: About 4.5 Inches; Extra Large Bell: Diameter: 4.5 Inches; Height: About 8 Inches; The writings in the bell might vary due to the handmade nature.
  • VERSATILE BELL- It can be a yoga and meditation bell, hotel bell, desk bell for your home or office, sound therapy instrument, music instrument, a hand bell for a class room or even a mass, a shelf or home decoration, altar accessory, ritual item, or even a dinner bell to bring everyone in your household to the table.
  • Many ways to use it: You can shake the hand bell to make a soothing sound or use the Dorje to strike the bell in a traditional Tibetan way. It can also be played like a singing bowl by rubbing the wooden striker along the edge of the bell to resonate a delicate and inspirational sound.
  • NOT MASS PRODUCED and ANTIQUE DESIGNED BELL- The blemishes on the bell give the set an appearance of great age and an exotic Bohemian feel. We also own the brand, Hinky Imports, which is the earliest importer of Tibetan bell and Dorjes in the American market. Our history and expertise guarantee you the best price and impeccable quality;
  • Every Tingsha set is packed with a Mudra Crafts box; Mudra Crafts is a registered and approved brand with the USPTO. Mandala Crafts is the owner and the only distributor. We offer a 30-day no questions asked money back warranty for our Tingsha cymbals.