Metal Alligator Hair Clips for Hair Bows, Thick Thin Hair Cutting, Hairdressing, Curl, Professional Salon, Women & Girls by Mandala Crafts, Silver, Pack of 200, 3.2CM or 1.25 Inches

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Product Description

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Do you search for every corner of your bathroom for hair clips during hair coloring? Is it frustrating that most hairclips damage fine kid hair? This set of gator clips can definitely help. These metal hair clamps with a smooth surface and resilient springs can easily be glued or solder and are super handy for DIY hair bow making or hair coloring. The hair clasps with perfectly aligned teeth are easy to open and can secure hair without pulling hair or hurting scalp. Short, long, thick, thin, straight or curly hair? It does not matter. This set of hairclips with a flat top will take care of all hair types. The square-nosed clips are as comfortable to wear as pelican or duckbill clips and the single prong hold as well as double prongs.

Drop a handful of these handy hair clips in bathroom drawer, car, or purse for easy access. Use it to hold up hair to put on makeup, do skincare routine, exercise, or just to stay cool. Making or converting a hair bow or modifying a hairband could not be easier with these clips. Their inconspicuous size will not overshadow ribbon, lace, fabric bow décor or any other hair accessories. This set of clips is a necessity for cosmetologists, hairdressers, and stylists to section, style, cut, twist, curl, dread, or braid hair. The applications of these alligator clips are versatile that they can also be used for soldering, costume hairpiece making, party favor DIY crafting, or ornament hanging.

Premium Quality Alligator Hair Clips
  • Made of Alloy Metal & Nickel Plating
  • Easily Glued or Soldered
  • Pack of 100 Clips

  • Sturdy & Durable
  • Versatile Uses
  • Inconspicuous Size

Alligator Hair Clips for DIY & Professional Use

Great for Craft Projects & Beauty Supplies

  • Make hair bows & other accessories
  • Hold your hair up while putting on makeup, skin care routines, blow drying or while styling hair
  • Keep hair out of face while exercising
  • Great for sectioning hair for curling, braiding, coloring, styling, haircutting, and wearing wigs

  • Comfortable to Use
  • Great for Kids & Adults
  • Essential Beauty Supplies for Prosessionals
  • Suitable for All Hair Textures

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Comfortable Kids Accessories

Square-nosed clips that won't damage your kid’s fine hair or hurt their scalp.

On-the-Go Beauty Supplies

Drop a handful of clips in your bathroom drawer, car, or purse for easy access.

Hair, Beauty & Skin Care Routines

Securely hold curly, straight, thick, thin, short or long hair without pulling, slipping or snapping!

DIY Crafting Projects

Flat top that can be easily glued. Compatible with many materials like satin ribbon, lace or fabric.

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Elastic Sequin Ribbon Satin Ribbon Grosgrain Ribbon Elastic Lycra Cord
Material Sequin Satin Grosgrain Lycraq
Size 1.5 Inches 1 Inch 7/8 Inches 3/16 inches
  • Hair bow clips made from alloy metal and nickel plating; Smooth flat top surface, smooth edges with perfectly aligned teeth; Corrosion and rust resistant; Sturdy and durable; Strong but gentle hold for comfortable wear; Easy to open
  • Alligator clips for hair for making hairbows and accessories, holding hair up while putting on makeup, facial cleansing and skin care, blow drying and styling hair or exercising; Great for sectioning hair for curling, braiding, coloring, styling, haircutting, and wearing wigs
  • Alligator hair clips suitable for home use, professional salons, and barbershops; Crocodile clips ideal for DIY crafting
  • Securely hold curly, straight, short or long hair without pulling, slipping and snapping; Easily glued or soldered; Can be decorated or lined with different material such as ribbons, laces, leather, suede, and fabric
  • Metal hair clips in bulk wholesale lot packaging; Pack of 200