Mandala Tibetan Shop Men Women Bohemian Striped Hippie Messenger Backpack

$ 24.99

This Mandala Tibetan Shop backpack is made from cotton and dyed with natural dyes. It is great backpack for men, women, boys, or girls.

  • Mandala Tibetan Shop brand backpack. Every bag is marked with a Mandala Tibetan Shop tag;
  • Made in Nepal; Dyed with natural dyes; Hand wash separately in cold water only;
  • Size: 16 X 14 X 4 Inches;
  • Please note that the combination might be slightly different. The bag is made in Nepal and the merchandise has a special pre industrialized look. Imperfections might exist. Imperfections might include imperfect stitches or uneven colors.
  • Unisex Backpack;