Mandala Crafts Unisex Tibetan Statement Gold Tone Three Metal Ring

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This ring is made from copper, brass, and copper based alloy. Tibetans believe this metal combination, called three metal, has healing power. It is handmade. Traditionally, rings from Tibet have eight auspicious signs such as eternity knot sign or om mani padme hung mantra engraved. This unique ring can be an anniversary, a promise, or even an engagement ring. It would look great as a statement ring to wear on a night out, a special occasion, or a new addition to your daily bohemian jewelry.

  • Tibetan Jewelry Statement Ring Made from Silver Tone White Metal Alloy, Copper, Brass and Imitation Turquoise (Manmade, Not Natural Stone)
  • Tibetans call this combination of silver tone white metal alloy copper and brass, "Three Metal" and they believe this combination has healing power
  • Because this is a handmade ring, it is not as spotless as a machine made ring. Imperfections due to the handmade nature may include: small dents and scratches on the metal surface, uneven colors, or cracks on stones.
  • Unisex Yoga Meditation Inspired Tibetan Jewelry Three Metal Ring
  • Tibetan Metal Ring Handmade in Nepal, Adjustable Ring Size, Height: .25 Inch