Mandala Crafts Cotton Long Snow Lion Tibetan Prayer Flags, 25 Flags Per Strand (8 X 8 Inches Per Flag (18 Feet))

$ 24.99

Size:8 X 8 Inches Per Flag ( 18 Feet)

This long Tibetan prayer flags are made from cotton. There are 25 individual flags. Tibetan Prayer Flags are Hung High in the mountains on Tree Tops, Bridges, Roof Top, Outside Monasteries, holy sites or places where you can catch the wind. The purpose is to bring Peace and Good Luck spread by the wind blowing through them; they are commonly referred to as Peace Flags or Lungta (Lung Ta,) which is the the Wind Horse traditionally pictured on them. This set of flags has the Tibetan Snow Lion stamped on it.

  • Premium Quality / Large Prayer Flags Made from Cotton;
  • 25 Flags Per Strand; Free copyrighted lotus charm;
  • Long Tibetan Prayer Flags
  • Handmade in Nepal