Mandala Crafts Natural Green Sandalwood Detangle Wooden Wide Tooth Hair Comb for Men Women (Fig Tree, Green Sandalwood)

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Size:Fig Tree |  Color:Green Sandalwood

This sturdy Mandala Crafts wooden comb with a whole organic touch made from natural wood is built to last. It fits comfortably in hand and rakes through hair easily without pulling out hair. The surface of the comb is sanded smooth with no coarse parts. The rounded teeth don't break easily, will not scratch or irritate, and help with dry scalp. The unique comb has a nice weight and the compact size will fit in pockets. The sandalwood aroma calms the mind and soothes stress. The color will change to green gradually after being used. This comb gently and effectively detangles all hair types and styles, such as straight, curly, afros, long, short, thick, natural hair, or wigs.

In Asian ancient beliefs, the health of hair indicates the overall energy of a person. Wooden combs fight snags and snarls without generating static electricity, which may interrupt brain function. The round teeth gently massage the scalp and increase blood circulation. The movement of the comb over your scalp stimulates acupressure points and improves overall hair health. It combs the oil down, cleanses build-ups, helps to distribute natural sebum on the scalp, and may ease dandruff and dryness. An ancient Chinese belief is that combing your hair thoroughly before bedtime will invigorate hair growth, decrease shedding, and prevent graying. Adding essential oil to the comb will perfume your hair with a nice scent.

For ladies, several strokes will completely comb the entire ponytail with very little loss of hair or snagging on knots. For barbers, this comb can also be used as a cutting comb. It is easy for styling and parting. For those who are using the comb to get rid of lice or fleas, this comb will come in handy. The comb has a great grip and it can even be a comb for toddlers or children. The unique case makes it perfectly suited for travel. The neutral design and premium quality make this wood comb set a great gift.

  • HANDCRAFTED REAL SOLID WOOD: Hand-sanded and polished green sandalwood; Anti-static; Snag & tangle free; Lightly aromatic;
  • ROUND TOOTH TIPS: Massage the scalp; Invigorating; Great for sensitive scalps;
  • VERSATILE: Hair, beard, or mustache comb; Size: 5 X 2 Inches;
  • PERFECT GIFT: Suited for toddlers, children, men, or women; Hemp drawstring pouch included;
  • WARRANTY: 45-days no questions asked. Mandala Crafts, a trademark solely owned by Mandala Trading Inc., is the only distributor of Mandala Crafts.