Mandala Crafts MR16 GU10 Dimmable Halogen Light Bulbs for Tack Lighting, Vent Hood, Scent Wax Burner, 120V, Pack of 10

$ 15.99

Product Description

Did the bulb in your track light or range hood burn out and you can’t find the right replacement in a local hardware store? With our 50-watt and long-lasting lightbulbs on standby, you can easily replace a frizzed bulb and move on with your life without a hitch. This box of light bulbs is convenient to keep on hand for your track lights and general lighting fixtures requiring a GU10 base.

These well-constructed light bulbs with outstanding color rendition offer exceptional illumination. The translucent MR16 reflector helps limit shadowing. The flat surface is shielded with a piece of glass. Installation is as easy as a twist and lock. The bulbs are compatible with stove range hoods requiring GU10 base bulbs. The bulbs also fit compatible track lights, indoor flood lights, designer lights, pendant lights, ceiling fans, deck ovens, and some pendant lights.

GU10 MR16 Halogen Light Bulbs

  • Made from clear glass, porcelain, and metal with MR16 reflector
  • Soft warm glow
  • Dimmable and compatible with a wide range of lights and appliances
  • Sturdy and durable

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Tips to Replace GU10 Bulbs on a Vent Hood

It is trickier to change a GU10 base bulb than a screw base bulb. It can be difficult to get a grip on the top surface of the bulb when you try to remove or install it on a vent hood.

  • Use a small suction cup or very sticky tape to get a good hold on the surface glass shield, push and twist the bulb towards counter clockwise direction about 1/4 of a turn, and pull out the bulb;
  • Insert the 2 prongs of the bulb into the slot holes in the socket and reverse the above process;

Versatile and Hardy GU10 Light Bulbs

Suitable for Household and Commercial Uses

The light bulbs fit a variety of light fixtures and appliances requiring a GU10 base.

  • Track lights
  • Range hoods
  • Designer lamps
  • Accent, display and task lighting fixtures
  • Flood lights
  • Deck ovens
  • Recess and spot lights
  • Pendant lights

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  • Halogen lightbulbs with 2 prongs made from clear glass, porcelain, and metal; MR 16 reflector; Soft warm light; Dimmable; Sturdy and durable; PLEASE measure your bulb to be replaced to ensure fit
  • Great for compatible track lights, indoor flood lamps, stove overhead range hoods, deck ovens, spotlights, or task, accent, display, and pendant lights for household, offices, restaurants, bars, galleries, shops, and museums
  • Bulb overall height: 2”; Bulb diameter: 2”; Type: GU 10 base; MR16 halogen; 50W; Input voltage: AC 110v, 120v, and 130 volts; Life span: around 2500 hours; Lumens: 500
  • Individually and securely packed; If any bulbs are broken in shipping, please write us with a picture, and the replacement will be sent immediately