Mandala Crafts Mens Plastic Metal 2 Way Adjustable Shoe Tree Shaper Expander Stretcher

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This Mandala Crafts shoe stretcher can change your shoes into something you look forward to wearing. It can stretch both length and width. You can also plug in the included bunion and corn plugs at specific locations to expand the spots which bother you. A complete user manual with pictures is included inside the package.

  • Plastic
  • 2-way adjustable shoe tree stretcher made from plastic and metal; Single stretcher only;
  • Stretch both length and width and can be used on right or left; " Make your new shoes as comfortable as an old shoe."
  • Help to expand specific locations for bunions and corns by using the bunion and corn plugs;
  • Four bunion & corn plugs and a detailed user manual with pictures are included;
  • Every box of the shoe stretcher is marked with Mandala Crafts. Mandala Crafts, a trademark solely owned by Mandala Trading Inc., is the only distributor of Mandala Crafts.