Mandala Crafts Computer Screw Assortment Kit for Computer Case, Fan, Hard Drive, Motherboard Mount and Repair (660 Pieces)

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  • Computer repair screw assortment made from alloy metal; Strip-resistant;
  • PC screw kit includes thumb screws, silver tone & brass standoff screws, flat head coarse thread screws, recess truss head screws, insolation washers, and hexagon head screws with a Phillips head; Free screwdriver;
  • Great to build, repair, or mount PC case, motherboard, power supply, hard drive, fan, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, graphic cards, and other electronics; Compatible with most desktop computers;
  • Packing quality: 660 screws; Thumb screws: 10 pcs; Hexagon head screws: 100 pcs; Pan head screws: 100 pcs; Steel standoff riser: 50 pcs; Brass standoff riser: 50 pcs; Flat head screws: 50 pcs; Truss head screws two sizes: 100 pcs each size; Insolation washers: 100 pcs;
  • WARRANTY: 45-day no questions asked warranty; Mudra Crafts, a USPTO registered brand, is solely owned by Mandala Crafts, which is the only distributor;