Mandala Crafts® Bulk 30 DIY Jewelry Making Ribbon Waxed Cord Necklace Chains with Clasps for Pendants

$ 300.00

$ 12.99

This box of 30 ribbon necklaces are made from made from alloy, cotton waxed cords, and polyester. They are perfect for creating custom jewelry, putting pendants on or wear them alone as ribbon necklaces.

  • Made from Alloy, Cotton Waxed Cords, and Polyester;
  • Length: 19 Inches; Extension Chain: 2 Inches;
  • Packing: 30 Necklaces Per Box;
  • Every box is marked with Mandala Crafts®, which is a registered trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Mandala Crafts is the only distributor of this brand. Our brand is protected by trademark law.
  • Wholesale Necklaces for Jewelry Making