Mandala Crafts Bridal Sash Belt with Crystal Rhinestone Satin Ribbon for Wedding Gowns, Prom, Formal Dresses for Women, Jeweled and Beaded (Plain Rhinestone, Purple)

$ 12.99

Product Description

Do you feel stressed out preparing for a wedding, an important event, or other special occasion in your life? Perhaps an unexpected formal dinner is looming and you dig through your wardrobe finding nothing that will stand out, but also isn’t too conspicuous. Now this classic rhinestone sash belt is a life saver. The color selection will match almost all shades of wedding gowns or dresses The sparkling stones and applique have a nice weight and will stand up to the quality of your dress. This belt has the right amount of bling to accentuate your dress and is the right weight to lay nicely on your waist. Trying to lose weight for the big event? We have you covered. The belt goes all the way around larger sizes, yet is long enough to resize and be able to tie a bow in the back. It will fit almost any size from thin to plump. The attached applique can also be taken off and sewn on directly on your dress. Or you can move the dainty rhinestone ends when cutting.

Do not let little things bother you while preparing for your big moment. This belt will save you a trip to a wedding accessory store and embellish your dress with elegant glitter. You can use the versatile belt not only for weddings or showers but also for proms, parties, homecoming queen or court dresses, balls, pageants, or formal dinners. For pregnant women, it can add an instant pop to a maternity dress and compliment your bump. The belt can also be worn as a headband.

Handmade Bridal Sash Belt

  • Made from sparkly rhinestones and silky satin ribbon
  • Sturdy rhinestone claw metal mounting
  • Dainty rhinestone decorated ends
  • Simple, elegant, and classic
  • Washable and iron-able

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Eye Catching and Universal Bridal Belt

  • Great for vintage, modern, traditional, Bohemian, or country western rustic weddings
  • Fits size extra-small to plus size
  • Long and easy to resize
  • Easy to tie into a bow or knot
  • Wedding and shower belt for brides
  • Bling belts for bridesmaids
  • Glitter belts for flower girls

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Versatile Applications

  • Beauty pageant contests
  • Maternity dress ornament
  • Prom dresses
  • Birthday girl dresses
  • Bling belt for formal dresses
  • Accessory for communions, formal dinner attire, balls, and parties;

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Cutting and Resizing Instructions

  1. Take off the end of the rhinestone applique carefully;
  2. Cut the ribbon to the desired length with a pair of really sharp scissors; Leave it a little longer just in case the first attempt fails to yield a clean edge;
  3. Seal the ribbon ends with end seam sealant such as Fray Check; Please test it first on the cut off ribbon end to make sure it does not stain the ribbon; If you are familiar with heat treatments, you can also use a lighter or wood burner to seal the end;
  4. Iron on or use fabric glue to adhere the rhinestone applique to the ends;

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Flexible Customization and Versatile Applications

Sew Directly on the Dress

The rhinestone patch can be taken off and sewn directly on the wedding dress.

Easy to Attach Rhonestone Appliques

The rhinestone appliques on the belt can be easily peeled off and attached again using either of the following methods.

  • Iron back on from the ribbon side; DO NOT iron the rhinestone side
  • Glue back on using textile glue

DIY Rhinestone Appliques

The easy to peel off rhinestone appliques can be be altered for the following purposes.

  • Create bling headbands
  • Decorate purses, shoes, clothing, or costumes

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  • Rhinestone beaded belt or cinturon de novia made from diamond-shaped faux crystal gem beads and double-faced silky satin ribbon; Handmade; Washable and ironable; Simple, classic, colorful, and sparkly; Full-sized and adjustable; Fits extra-small to plus sizes and even maternity dresses; Can easily be cut to resize; Easy to tie a bowknot; Rhinestones can be taken off and sewn directly on the dress;
  • Wedding and shower belt for brides, bridesmaids, and flower girls; Ladies sash belt for parties, formal dinners, communions, balls, and special occasions; Bling belt for proms, pageants, and birthdays; Can also be worn as an elegant glitter headband;
  • Versatile design for vintage, modern, traditional, Bohemian, or country western rustic themed weddings or events;
  • Length: 116 inches (3.2 Yards); Ribbon width: 1.5 Inches; Flower rhinestone décor size: 3.25 (H) X 9.75 (W) Inches; Free copyrighted lotus charm gift;