Mandala Crafts Bicone Crystal Beads for Jewelry Making – Faceted Bicone Crystal Glass Beads for Jewelry Making Crafts Beading

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Product Description

Are you looking for sparkly beads to elevate the look and luminosity of a craft project or jewelry design? Do you think acrylic bicone beads cheapen the overall product presentation? These facetedcrystal beads are precisely what you need. With a nice weight and vivid color that will not fade, bleed, or lose sheen, this crystal bicone bead kit has almost everything you need for jewelry making and bead crafts. Drilled to perfection, these beading crystals are easy to string or sew and can be glued onto a variety of surfaces. The faceted glass beads coordinate well with a multitude of materials, beads, and hardware. The glass beads bulk assorted pack is easy to work with and meticulously organized, which is especially helpful for nifty beadwork and intricate pattern designs.

No matter whether they are being used as necklace beads, bracelet beads, rondelle glass beads, pattern beads, or spacers, these crystal glass jewelry beads can effortlessly handle any design. With cuts that are designed to increase the number of twinkling surfaces, these opalescent crystals for jewelry making with holes will add elegance to any handmade gift or final product. For crafters or sewing hobbyists, these diy glass beads are fantastic for making suncatchers, windchimes, chandeliers, wine charms, and embellishing or accenting costumes, ornaments, mosaics, and art. You can also style these small crystal glass beads with seed beads, alphabet beads, or pendants for making lovely little decorations to link to handbags, backpacks, or mobile devices. Wonderful around the home, these bicone faceted crystal glass beads can be used to create ritzy beaded curtains or jazz up the look of candle holders and vases. The usage of these glass crystal beads is so versatile that they can even be used to make spinner baits for fishing.

Sparkly Crystal Glass Beads
  • Made from crystallized glass with cut-through holes
  • Polished smooth surface and shiny luster
  • Vibrant color and non-bleeding
  • Non-Irritating to the Skin

  • Durable & Sturdy
  • Lead & Nickel-Free
  • Consistent Shape & Quality

Versatile DIY Applications

Jewelry Making, DIY Crafting, & More!

  • Design jewelry, earrings, bracelets, chokers, necklaces, rosaries, watchbands, waist chains, rosaries, hair accessories or use as spacer beads
  • Use as decorations for home, holiday, wedding, or party décor
  • Craft keychains, dreamcatchers, mask and eyeglass holder straps, or bridal bouquets and centerpieces
  • Embellish clothing, bags, shoes, and other garments

  • 15 Assorted Colors with 1mm Hole
  • Compatible with Wire, Thread, Stretchy Elastic, & Non-Stretch Cord
  • Can Be Used with a Bead Loom, Bead Spinner, Beading Board, or Beading Needle

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Material Crystal Glass Copper Elastic & Rubber Plated Brass Alloy Metal Glass
  • Glass crystal beads with holes made from crystalized glass with cut-through holes; Durable and sturdy; Polished smooth surface and shiny luster; Heat, scratch, and chip-resistant; Non irritating to skin; Waterproof; Lead and nickel free
  • Crystal bicone beads for jewelry making and beading; Crystal bicone glass beads for jewelry making, earrings, bracelets, chokers, necklaces, rosaries, watchbands, waist chains, hair accessories or rondelle beads
  • Bulk glass beads for crafts, decorating, and home, holiday, wedding, or party décor; Faceted bicone beads for making keychains, dreamcatchers, mask and eyeglass holder straps, or bridal bouquets and centerpieces; Crystal bead assortment for sewing and garment making
  • Faceted beads compatible with wire, thread, and stretchy elastic or non-stretch cord; Multicolor glass beads compatible with a bead loom, bead spinner, beading board, or beading needle; Easy to use crystal beads for crafts
  • Crystal glass bicone beads bulk wholesale pack; 15 colors assorted glass beads with 1mm hole; 750 pcs total: 50 bicone beads 6mm x 5mm each color; Bicones beads with uniform shape and consistently rich color