Fan Handle, Craft Stick, Wooden Paddle Kit for Wedding, Program, Auction Bidding, Paint, Popsicle; Jumbo Pack by Mandala Crafts

$ 10.99

Product Description

Are you tired of seeing your kids just stare at their cell phones all the time? Do you miss the good old days when the whole family was able to make something together? Now is the time to bring the crafting fun time back! This box of craft sticks can provide hours of DIY leisure time and long-lasting memories for adults and kids. These wooden sticks, with curved edges, are larger than regular popsicle sticks for an easy grip and a more professional look. The wood is easy to decorate, glue, or staple. The natural birch smell, smooth surface, and delicate wood pattern will add an organic touch to any DIY project.

The applications of the craft sticks are only limited by imagination. You will be able to make single-sided or double-sided handheld fans for churches, weddings, or graduation parties like a pro. The sticks can be easily made into a raffle game or auction paddles. This wooden stick kit can also be great gardening markers, signs, decoration crafting sticks, or stirrers to mix paint or epoxy. For crafty people, they can be made into party or wedding favors and frames or parts for hand-made puppets, bird feeders, and wreaths. After being sanitized, the sticks are wide and long enough to be tongue depressors, ice cream sticks, popsicle sticks, and lollipop handles.

Wavy Wooden Craft Sticks

  • Made from natural unfinished birch wood
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Flat shape and wavy edge
  • Smooth surface and splinter free
  • Comfortable hand grip

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Crafting Tips
  • School glue and most other glues will work great with the wood sticks
  • The sticks can be easily stapled with regular staplers without splitting

Versatile Crafting Applications

  • Fans for churches, programs, graduations, parties, and weddings
  • Craft sticks
  • Garden markers
  • Auction paddles
  • Paint and epoxy stirrers
  • Art projects and party favors

  • Easy to customize, glue, write on, stain, or color with paint and markers
  • Compatible with other crafting material such as paper, cardstock, bamboo, and wood

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