Mandala Crafts 24 Underwater Submersible Waterproof Led Candle Tea Lights in Bulk for Wedding Centerpieces Vase Party and Decoration

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Color:Flickering Color Change Rainbow

This set of Mandala Crafts battery powered and reusable small LED tealights is well constructed and can be used indoors or outdoors. These electronic candles with a realistic look yield a surprisingly good amount of light and the included batteries are long lasting. They are not only decorative and glamorous but also functional for blackouts and attics. The size is small enough to fit in all kinds of containers and they hold up well under different weather conditions, in or out of water.

With the flameless feature, this set of lights is very safe and flexible to use. The effect is very unique and attractive and looks great mixed with natural candlelight. It looks fantastic in a votive cup, vase, mason jar, water fountain, or fish bowl. It can add elegance to wedding decoration by lining a walkway, porch, patio, or reception table. Using these to decorate a centerpiece or spell initials or love for the newlyweds will be a breeze. They will make a huge difference to set the ambiance and will bring to life any party, such as a camping, pool or beach party. Dropping them in drinks or decorating dining dishes such as sushi will definitely entertain the guests. For holiday decorations, they can add flare to costumes, light up pumpkins, or set up Christmas decors.

They can also be decorative lights for landscaping, a playhouse, or as the light source for paper lanterns. Adding these to a hot tub will make you enjoy your time more. Some warm colored lights can also decorate altars. It is a beautiful way to transform an ordinary flower arrangement. These substantial lights can be used in boating or kayaking. These unique lights will illuminate your boat or kayak like Japanese floating lanterns and make you a star on the water.

Operation Instruction

Please twist open the bottom base and remove the round paper before using.

  • Made from LED bulbs and plastic; Battery included; Easily twist to switch on and off after removing the paper pad in the battery container; Waterproof;
  • Mini size: 1.1 X 1.1 X 1 inches; Mandala Crafts wiping cloth; Pack of 24;
  • Long lasting battery life: 5 to 8 hours full brightness and last for days;
  • VERSATILE: Wedding, baby showers, birthday, Halloween, Christmas, theme party, fish aquarium tank, floral arrangement, fountain, pool, hot tub, pond, vase, altar decor, or even costumes;
  • WARRANTY: 30-day no questions asked. Mandala Crafts, a trademark solely owned by Mandala Trading Inc., is the only distributor of Mandala Crafts.