Mandala Crafts 1mm 1.5mm 2.5mm Jewelry Making Gift Wrap Ribbon Stretch Metallic Tinsel Elastic Cord

$ 19.99

Color:1.5mm 109 Yards Silver

Mandala Crafts elastic metallic tinsel cord is easy to maneuver no matter if you want to tie a knot or bow, make a loop, or wrap a gift or card. It is handy for gift-wrapping to add some festive and flashy accent. It is also great for crafting, jewelry or doll making, beading, floral arranging, smocking, and decorating.

- It will not kink, fray, unravel or break while being stretched.
- The cord is durable and with vivid bright colors.
- The cord has many different applications. You can use it to tie gift boxes, balloons, or tags, attach ornaments, make jewelry such as necklaces or stretch bracelets, stretch loops, headbands, ponytail holders, dress up gifts with ribbon, embellish flowers, fasten masks, wrap party favors, string beads, or even create cosplay shoe laces or guitar strings.
- You will always need this cord at any time of year whether it is a holiday, birthday, wedding, party, or an event you need to present a thoughtful gift or card.
- As a product directly from the manufacturer, Mandala Crafts, the spool has a generous amount of the cord which doubles the regular packing length and the price per foot is cut almost 70% without compromising superior quality. It can be used in many different projects or events.

About Mandala Crafts

Mandala Crafts is located in Austin, TX. We have been making quality jewelry accessories for more than 15 years. All our products are made with care and professionalism. We offer a 30-day no questions asked money back warranty.

Mandala Crafts, a trademark solely owned by Mandala Trading Inc., is the only distributor of Mandala Crafts. Every roll of metallic elastic cord is marked with Mandala Crafts.

  • STRONG DURABLE TINSEL ELASIC ROPE–Made from Polypropylene and Rubber; Mildew resistant;
  • CONSISTENT CONTINUOUS WOVEN METALLIC TINSEL THREAD – Suitable for small or big projects;
  • VERSATILE- Gift wrapping and dressing, decorating, crafting, beading, or jewelry making;
  • EXTRA LONG CORD- Length: 1mm and 1.5mm: 100M; 2.5mm: 50M; Can be used in different projects;
  • WARRANTY - Mandala Crafts brand 30 day no question asked warranty; Mandala Crafts, a trademark solely owned by Mandala Trading Inc., is the only distributor of Mandala Crafts.