Mandala Crafts 1.5mm 170FT Colored Natural Rustic Hemp Twine Thread Cord Burlap String Rope Spool Roll

$ 9.99

Color:Steel Blue

This roll of Mandala Crafts hemp twine with vibrant colors will add an organic touch for your DIY projects. The burlap material used to make the rope is not waxed, but the overall look and feel is similar to jute. This twine does not tangle and cuts clean with minimal fraying. The thickness is even and the color is consistent. It's thick enough to wrap a box or bottle without snapping but thin enough to be unobtrusive.

Hemp string is easy to knot. It can be an ideal garden cording especially when the heavy duty tension and weather resistance are needed such as tying up trees or hanging potted plants. It not only holds up well, but also yields a delicate look.

Hemp instantly intensifies the presentation when used to wrap or decorate a photo, wedding invitation, greeting card, book, gift, or box. It can be used as decorative ribbon with its furry appearance to create a rustic look especially with leather. It has its natural bohemian beauty and immediately gives a chic look when dressing up a bottle, glass, vase, or hanging an Christmas holiday ornament, or tying a gift tag.

The string is durable enough to hang wooden plaques or used as whipping twine. It is a great utility cord to have around the house. For crafters, whether you want to make sage bundles, dream catchers, repair wind chimes, or create jewelry such as necklaces or bracelets, this roll of hemp twine will come in handy. Our combo packaging of multiple rolls in bulk for wholesale purposes make great twine supplies for business use. The colorful hemp string will make your products look more upscale.

Soaking or rubbing the cord with natural beeswax will provide some moisture resistance and smooth down the fibers. The hemp cord burns well and can also be used as hemp wicks.

  • Made from natural hemp;
  • Weight: 50 Grams; Length: about 52M ( 170 FT); Thickness: 1.5mm;
  • No funky smell; Burns evenly;
  • VERSATILE: Gift wrapping, packing, stitching, crocheting, weaving, knotting, crafting, gardening, beading, or jewelry making;
  • WARRANTY: 45 Days; Mandala Crafts, a trademark solely owned by Mandala Trading Inc., is the only distributor of Mandala Crafts.