Mandala Crafts Clear Elastic Cord Stretchy Fiber String for Bracelets, Jewelry Making, Beading

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Product Description

Have you ever wondered how professional jewelers churn out stretchy bracelets easily? Did your elastic bead floss give out too quick? Is it disheartening to see beads dangling on the stretchy bracelets you have labored over? This strong elastic jewelry fiber is the answer. This almost transparent elastic thread is not the ordinary filmy crystal or elastic string. This is the elastic cord used by the pros. It does not lose elasticity or get longer after wear. You will be amazed by how stretchable this string is. The malleable string can easily be knotted, and the knots can be hidden in the bead holes. It can be threaded with a big eye needle. It does not fray like gossamer floss. This jewelry fiber is the professional jeweler’s secret, which allows them to make elegant and long-lasting elastic jewelry designs.

For jewelry making, this strong string can easily make elastic bracelets, necklace chokers, anklets, and kandi jewelry. It does not lose its stretch, get longer, or deteriorate with use or over time. No matter whether you want to create a new project or want to repair a slim or chunky beaded jewelry item made from wood, porcelain, plastic, glass, pearl, natural stone, shell, or metal, this almost transparent coding will get the job done like magic. The cord provides invisible threading and as long as you do not use it on beads with sharp edges, it will not fray. Even essential oil beads will not weaken the string. No clasp or crimp is needed. It can also be used in many other crafting or garment making projects. The applications of the cord are so versatile that it can even be used to tie fishing flies.

Resilient Clear Elastic Cord

  • Will not lose elasticity over time
  • Return to original shape after stretching
  • No fraying, disintegrating, or splitting
  • High weight tolerance and stretch like a rubber band
  • Commercial grade and amazing elasticity

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Knot Tying Tips

For this highly stretchy string, surgeon's knot is a must to terminate the string. To ensure a secure and durable holding, the following steps should be followed.

  • Tie a surgeon's knot followed by a regular knot
  • Repeat the above process
  • Tie the knot tightly

Versatile Elastic String for Jewelry and Beading

  • Elastic bracelets and anklets
  • Necklace and chokers
  • Kandi jewelry
  • Seed beads
  • Crystal and gemstone strands

  • High weight tolerance and stretch like a rubber band
  • Nice clear color that will not show through on clear beads
  • Compatible with most jewelry making tools and findings such as big eye needles, jump rings, crimp beads, and clasps
  • Knots can hide inside or between beads

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Clear Elastic Jewelry Fiber Knot Tying Instruction

Tie a Surgeon's Knot

  • Decide the length you want to keep for the bracelet
  • Wrap one end of the cord twice around another cord and drag both ends to make the knot stay in the desired length location

Tie a Regular Knot

  • Tie a regular knot tightly with the two cord ends

Secure the Knot

  • Repeat the previous two steps again
  • If you want the extra security, drip a small drop of jewelry glue on the knot
  • Cut the extra cord and hide the knots into the bead hole

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  • Round monofilament elastic string or hilo elastico para pulseras with amazing resilience made from polyurethane; Latex-free; Commercial grade; Will not lose elasticity over time; Easy to knot and tie; No fraying, disintegrating, or splitting; Returns to original shape after stretching; Durable, strong, and long lasting; Waterproof;
  • High weight tolerance and stretch like a rubber band; Nice clear color that will not show through on clear beads; Great for beading, kandi and fashion jewelry making, weaving, crafting, or even fishing; Suitable for use with seed beads, light, or heavy beads;
  • Compatible with most jewelry making tools and findings such as big eye needles, jump rings, crimp beads, and clasps; Knots can hide inside or between beads;
  • Professional jewelry making elastic with supreme quality; Resilient and resistant cord which keeps the beads tight and free from sliding;