Mandala Crafts 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8mm 1mm 100M Jewelry Bracelet Clear Stretchy String Elastic Beading Fiber Thread Cord

$ 14.99

Size:0.6mm 170 Meters

This spool of Mandala Crafts stretchy fiber string with very easy to find ends is not a regular flimsy cord roll you get from a craft store. It is made from lycra spandex or gossamer floss. It is used by casual crafters but mostly by jewelry pros to mass produce elegant, high quality finished, and durable stretchy jewelry including bracelets, chokers, anklets, hair bands, lanyards, and necklaces. It can be threaded with a needle with a big eye. The following features of our cord set us apart.

- Strong cord with high weight tolerance and stretches like a rubber band;
- It does not lose its stretch, get longer, or deteriorate with use or over time;
- It easily ties and holds knots. The knots can hide inside or between beads;
- Suitable for use with light or heavy beads;
- Resilient and resistant cord which keeps the beads tight and free from sliding;
- Flexible and can be as small as a bracelet or stretched big enough to glide over a foot;
- Super long packing length which makes the price below the wholesale price;

No matter if you want to create a new project or want to repair a slim or chunky beaded jewelry piece made from wood, porcelain, plastic, glass, pearl, natural stone, shell, or metal, this string will get the job done like a magic. As long as you do not use it on beads with sharp edges, it will not fray. No clasp or crimp is needed. It can also be used in many other crafting or garment making projects. The application of the cord is so versatile that it can even be used to tie fishing flies.

About Mandala Crafts

Mandala Crafts is located in Austin, TX. We have been making quality jewelry accessories for more than 15 years. All our products are made with care and professionalism. Mandala Crafts, a trademark solely owned by Mandala Trading Inc., is the only distributor of Mandala Crafts.

  • PROFESSIONAL JEWELRY MAKER ELASTIC- Supreme quality; Commercial grade; Made from opelon polyurethane; Will not lose elasticity over time;
  • STRONG & DURABLE- Mono-filament round cord with amazing resilience; Waterproof; No Fraying; No breaking; No splitting; Knots easily; Please refer to knotting for stretch bracelets instruction or video about how to tie knots;
  • VERSATILE- Use for beading, jewelry making, weaving, crafting, or even fishing;
  • MANUFACTURER DIRECT- Super low cost with superior quality;
  • WARRANTY- 30 days no questions asked. Mandala Crafts, a trademark solely owned by Mandala Trading Inc., is the only distributor of Mandala Crafts.